1. avatar PocketPromise
  2. avatar edwin mcfee
    what time are you on at tonight folks?
  3. avatar PocketPromise
    Thanks to everyone who showed up last night. Absolute legends... pp
  4. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    was a great night!

    We (Elspeth) loved every minute of it!

    Thanks for having us
  5. avatar drive by fader
    so sorry i missed this. bar duties suck big ass :(
  6. avatar PocketPromise
    Thanks to all those who made it and to those who woulda liked to make it but couldn't! A great night was had and the packed atmosphere in AAs was perfect.

    Next gig - Animal Disco 25th April with the mighty Jane Bradfords, and two great Dublin bands Heritage Centre and Brilliant Things

    IN other news - tonight saw the first play of 'I Burnt the Roller Disco' on Huw Steven's Radio 1 Introducing show. Classs..

  7. avatar Pavel
    Pocket Promise / Elspeth photos available to view - [i:573d901f0f][b:573d901f0f][url]http://www.pavelware.com/photography.htm[/url][/b:573d901f0f][/i:573d901f0f]