1. avatar huggy baps
    right i currently use DC++ for downloadn but i keep hearing about bit torrent, what the feck is it?
  2. avatar davethetimekeeper
    it's a better way of downloading music, but torrent sites are getting shut down and sued all over the show, so make the most of it!
    go to www.download.com and get BitComet, which is a program for downloading these torrents. then go to www.torrentspy.com or www.isohunt.com and enjoy!
  3. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    its not a particular service, mostly its just a program that allows multiple people to download the same file from a server by daisy-chaining the download

    eg. user 1 downloads from a server, user 2 downloads from user 1, the user 3 from 2 etc..

    the problem with bittorrent is that it requires a server to run, so most illegal torrent sites require some sort of membership, usually in the form of invites or subscription costs.
  4. avatar davethetimekeeper
    the afforementioned sites don't, hence why i use them :D
  5. avatar huggy baps
    i see, cheers y'all
  6. avatar The Only Ronster
    I use [url="http://www.mininova.org"]www.mininova.org[/url] a lot.
  7. avatar Markfromgiveway
    the days of suprnova are long gone now.

    limewire pro is the way forward. really.
  8. avatar boyinept
    the problem with it is summed up in this thread - everyone runs off in different directions. it would take you to have them all installed and use them all find things.

    i personally recommend soulseek ([url]http://www.slsknet.org/download.html[/url] ). i haven't used it in a few months, but it's pretty good for finding some rarer stuff and the aul bootlegs. Edited by: boyinept at: 8/5/05 3:04 pm
  9. avatar kickintheteeth

    my weapon of choice.
  10. avatar MadEar Productions
    My first post!
    Bitspirit is currently the best and most stable torrent program for this sort of thing

    [url="http://www.bytelinker.com/download/bitspirit/bsup26ml.exe"]Download Here[/url]

    Best sites are



  11. avatar RaymusMunt
    Emule is pretty nifty [url="http://htpp://www.emule-project.com/"]www.emule-project.com/[/url] Edited by: RaymusMunt at: 9/5/05 3:34 pm