1. avatar sparta1983
  2. avatar comprachio
  3. avatar Desus
    Wheelmoon! Yeow!! :lol:
  4. avatar Michael82FFL
    I shall be there!!!
  5. avatar Crackity_jones
    Escape Act and Yes Cadets were excellent at this. PKs were great as usual too. Good night, it's fun wandering back and forwards between Katy's and the Limelight.
  6. avatar JTM
    The sound was a bit much in Katy's but there you go. Escape Act, Yes Cadets, The Benjamins and JSC the highlights for us. Now to find out exactly what the IMRO does!
  7. avatar thebatgranny
    Yes Cadets were simply [i:98395b46e2]awesome[/i:98395b46e2]. The Benjamins were brilliant too, all in all a fantastic night.
  8. avatar thesacredhearts
    What i caught of Yes Cadets was ace. Loud as, but really clear.

    We were marred by technical problems and kinda lost the plot a bit once things started going wrong. Apologies for that, we'll be back firing on all cylinders again soon.
  9. avatar comprachio
    [quote:d471a9342b]kinda lost the plot a bit once things started going wrong[/quote:d471a9342b]

    ha! master of understatement! Awful gig for us but what i saw of other bands was great!
  10. avatar tinpot anto
    Look all you need to do is load up a pair of ipods with [i:17b158a19b]Boxer[/i:17b158a19b] on one; [i:17b158a19b]Starfighter Pilot[/i:17b158a19b] on the other and hit play!

    How hard can it possibly be?

  11. avatar comprachio
    or a bitta crocodile anto :lol:
  12. avatar tinpot anto
    what do you take me for, some dsort of mad cunt that cant tell an asian eatme reptile from a merkin one?

    oooooohh :)