1. avatar Humbleweed Hassan
    ah great. 20 odd songs that clearshot recorded are up [url="http://www.goatrock.co.uk/music.html"]here[/url]
  2. avatar goatboy
    Download this stuff! It's excellent. More songs and videos on the way soon.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    ah...clearshot....ah....cuckoo...derry's rich punk heritage...ah...jetplane wiring....ah...fighting with land....ah....trip fontaine.....ah

    Goat, it's about time you wrote a book on that subject.
    'Dead On: The Story of the Most Dead On Music Scene in Ireland' Edited by: T Entertainment at: 8/5/05 1:57 pm
  4. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    I have had these songs for quite a while and they are fantastic, I recommend everyone downloads them. It's good all these songs are finally getting out there in the public domain...and I am really looking forward to seeing the videos and hearing those 3 tracks from the tape I am missing
  5. avatar BeanoTriggerman
    Could anybody get this stuff to me??

    I had it before & lost it. It'd be nice to hear it again.

  6. avatar goatboy
    Leave it with me, Beano.

    Did you ever find that minidisc with other Clearshot stuff on it?
  7. avatar BeanoTriggerman
    Hey Johnny

    I did (last month) manage to find those 3 Clearshot songs we talked about many moons ago. I have a man coming round tonight (oo-er) & I'm now gonna ambush him to put them onto CD for me asap. I'll then get them to you as promised.

    I'll be in touch soon.

    Remember, the quality isn't that great, but not [i:7fc1ff3ff4]that[/i:7fc1ff3ff4] bad either. Mik's a studio nerd, so you never know, he might be able to clean it up a bit for us.


  8. avatar BeanoTriggerman
    OK, I've listened to the minidisc again & the quality is ropey enough. The 3 songs came from a very old, cheap cassette that was knocking around for years.

    If you still want them, I'll get them to you no probs.

    You can get that other stuff to me any way you like - MP3, weblink, Zip file, CD, whatever.

    I'll let you know asap about the 3 I have when yer man gets it back to me.



    PS - I'm also looking for early FWW - pre-Machine Parts. A little help??
  9. avatar goatboy
    Check your PM's Beano!
  10. avatar fopp
    Whatever happened to this band? I remember seeing them can't can't remember where for sure (could it have been in the empire supporting therapy?). But I do remember thinking they were pretty good, and mate being well into them.
  11. avatar goatboy
    Fopp, [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=1704]this will explain why they're not together any more[/url].

    Cahir and Craig went on to form Fighting With Wire.

    Maybe it was in the Empire supporting At the Drive In?

    I'll fire up a link to the Clearshot stuff tonight when I get it uploaded again.
  12. avatar fopp
    Probably should've known that, showing my ignorance there.

    But yea, that's the one, At the drive in.
  13. avatar Hairman
    My first post!
    Hey guys,
    Any chance of anyone who has any Clearshot songs getting them up again?...i've got some stuff but would like to get as much as possible.

  14. avatar Timaai
    My first post!
    Could somebody please send my keep her in a box and some other tunes i really want to here them again!
  15. avatar garywilson
    My first post!
    hey dude , link is not working :(


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  16. avatar goatboy
    I've probably got about 30 songs or so.

    I'll upload them again over the weekend for everyone to enjoy.
  17. avatar goatboy
    Here you go folks......


    There's probably some other tracks in there that people didn't get first time around.
  18. avatar abandcalledboy
    I was looking these songs for ages!

    cheers for the upload man