1. avatar weston!
    Let me try to explain. Current line-up:

    Weston - Drums & Vox
    Phil - Lead Guitar
    Ledgey - Rhythm Guitar/Bass & Vox

    Right, do you see the problem? I would like to focus on drums more so a new singer is wanted.

    Ledgey can't always change between guitar and bass so this singer must play either bass or guitar as well. Or we would consider a new guitarist/bassist as well as a new singer.

    We practise in Kircubbin and Ards. We haven't gigged in a while cos we're recording our debut album and so we want our return to the circuit to include this new lineup. Please, please get back to me, we are very serious, don't know if you'd be able to tell from the website or not cos all the recordings are really rough demos, but check it out anyway.