1. avatar supersonicsolos
    Hey wondering can Any body teach me and whats the rates .
  2. avatar stevie j
    Draw and blow on the left hand side, only blow on the right.

    For that bluesy sound get a harmonica a 4th above the key you're playing in.

    eg playing in G get one in C and playing in E get one in A.

    Getting one in the key you are playing will make it sound like a sailor shanty
  3. avatar supersonicsolos
    cheers fella for the info .bu i havent a fukin clue about musical theory and stuff like that i taqught me self to play the guitar chord wise .
  4. avatar ciara606
    try youtube :)
  5. avatar kinta1
    not sure if he gives lessons but lee hedley is a mean player. youll get him in the kitchen bar every friday