1. avatar Michael82FFL
    .....Has anyone got a spare one? 07921212221

  2. avatar rentaghost
    are they sold out already?
  3. avatar Michael82FFL
    Yeah, went to ticketmaster yesterday, all gone :cry:
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    They were sold out on sunday morning when I checked. Was surprised they sold out that quickly.
  5. avatar Michael82FFL
    I got a tip off about it not being sold out on the waterfront website. :-D
  6. avatar supershedseven
    dont know if this helps or not but they went on sale last Friday at 9.30 and i rang at 11.30 to be told they were completely sold out. I then rang 10 minutes later to see if there was any for Dub and told no, completely sold out. For the hell of it i went on to ticketmaster.ie at 1pm and got 2 standing and rang up to be told yeah there plenty on sale???

    My mate rang on Saturday and got the same story at around 4pm but bought online at 8pm????

    Not sure if its a new touting thing.....

    as i said... dont know if its just a thing or what.
  7. avatar Biff
  8. avatar Michael82FFL
    Cheers for the help, went down to Ulster Hall box office and its definitely not sold out, Few seats left on balcony and loads on the floor.

    my theory is they spent so much money on the refurbishment that they actually want people to use it, sort of makes sense.

    Cant wait for the new album
  9. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Yeah, you can buy tickets here: http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/uhsearch/performancedetail.aspx?eventnameid=39545

    Ticketmaster mustn't have been allocated many, or the touts got them all instantly. I don't understand how the scam that is ticket selling works at all.
  10. avatar gtm
    Really looking forward to this gig - the new songs are deadly.
  11. avatar Michael82FFL