1. avatar The Big List
    My first post!

    The Big List is holding its first ever gig, to be the first of many. The new night will be on the last Friday of every month and will a chance to see some of the best NI bands and a few from elsewhere too.

    The Big List is putting its influence where its mouth is in support for the scene by keeping the door prices low for the punters and giving all the monies to the bands. So hopefully your support will mean a good payday for the acts we're featuring.

    If you want to find out how you can get involved, be it your band, photography or anything else please contact dwhinnery@flagshipmedia.co.uk

    Visit http://www.4ni.co.uk/entertainment/image_send.asp?path=r197_biggig.jpg&mode=99
    for more details.

    The Big List.
  2. avatar The Big List
  3. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    bump.this friday.
  4. avatar welshchris
    I'm really looking forward to this gig, know the great quality to expect from Balck Bear and Comply, really interested to see what TCBOO have going on :D
  5. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    this friday!
  6. avatar exportsimsie
    Still hope to make it to this. Great lineup!
  7. avatar SweetDickWilly
    This shit's gonna be off the hook with the litness, not catness. Excellent work Big List!!
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    Could someone post stage-times for this please?
  9. avatar The Big List
    Cheers for the support so far, its our first effort so we're really hoping people come down and give us some support and we can pull off a great event for the bands. I've got some stage times but we're just getting them finalised today, so I'll post them as soon as that's done.
    We've had an unbelievable response from bands and solo artists wanting to play at the future events too, so thanks to everyone whose submitted, (I don't even remember asking for submissions! :-D) and keep them coming.
    Some [b:8ba4e6697a]seriously[/b:8ba4e6697a] good line-ups in the coming months too, so I'll let you know once it's all been written into stone.

    Thanks again, and see you on Friday night! To be honest, I can't f*ckin wait...

  10. avatar spirit of division
    stage times would be good...I forgot about this and made other plans :s
  11. avatar pirates!
    fuck, this is a good lineup

    i'll second the request for stage times?
  12. avatar Strong Reaction
    As far as I know Comply Or Die will be kicking things off at 10pm. Doors at 9pm. Thanks.
  13. avatar The Big List
    Finally, sorry for the delay...

    [b:ce186f2897]Continuous Battle of Order[/b:ce186f2897]: 11.30-12.15
    [b:ce186f2897]Blackbear Saloon[/b:ce186f2897]: 10.45 - 11.20
    [b:ce186f2897]Comply or Die[/b:ce186f2897]: 10.00 - 10.30
  14. avatar welshchris
    thanks :D
  15. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    cant wait for this tonight!!
  16. avatar karenmquinn
    This gig is on tonight and it bloody well better be good since I'm passing up the opportunity to lie on my sofa and finish watching Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica in order to go to it.
  17. avatar The Ronster
    [i:3b79073765]AT LEAST[/i:3b79073765] 2 members of Black Bear Saloon are Cylons.

    Not saying who, that's up to the audience to guess.
  18. avatar Strong Reaction
    Sure you can watch Battlestar anytime. That's the joy of dvds.
  19. avatar edwin mcfee
    Really lookin forward to seeing Comply or Die for the first time tonight
  20. avatar The Ronster
    I for one am looking forward to stroking my lustrous beard to the soothing sounds of[b:f86090674d] The Continuous Battle of Order[/b:f86090674d], who've I've never seen before.

    I recommend everyone with a beard attend this.
  21. avatar edwin mcfee
    What? I thought you traded the beard in for some nice drainpipe jeans and a jaunty Pete Doherty style hat ever since you were in the NME.
  22. avatar Strong Reaction
    Strap-on beards are available tonight from the back of Ron's van.
  23. avatar Deestroyer
    I have but a wee wispy beard, which is basically overgrown stubble. I'm going to try and get my hands on some of that spray stuff balding men use to hide their modesty, and use it to turn my face fur into a blooming chin coat. Tonight will be known as The Big Beard, if I have my way...
  24. avatar The Ronster
    Comply or Die are a beardless affair altogether though.

    I really think they need to work on that between now and 9.00.
  25. avatar jonnymul
    Black Beard Saloon are gonna rip the f@*cking roof off tonite.. anyone who does'nt come.. well they'll be the first up against the wall!!!


    whoa all that madness gives me a thirst....
  26. avatar isis
    I'm gonna have to borrow that spray beard stuff as I can't grow my own due to not having a penis :(
  27. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Raging im going to miss this, my only conciliation, if there is such a thing is that ill be in indianaland drunk with a load of other drunk 30 somethings.


    Bitches :(
  28. avatar jonnymul
    [quote:539ae4c608="isis"]I'm gonna have to borrow that spray beard stuff as I can't grow my own due to not having a penis :([/quote:539ae4c608]

    bless.. not even a wee tiny one??
  29. avatar titmunky
    This was great.

    Despite our technical problems comply or die enjoyed it muchly. Black Bear Great as ever and the Continuous Battle Of Order were a mesmerising powerhouse from what i caught before i had to dash.

    Well done big list! more of this kind of thing!

    ps. does anyone have a contact numer/email for Brian who was doing the sound last night?
  30. avatar The Ronster
    We had an absolute blast playing last night (BBS)

    Thanks to all involved - Damien and John from The Big List, Edwin McFee, Brian on sound - everyone was operating at top capacity to make it a great success.

    Cheers to Comply or Die and Continuous Battle as well - really enjoyed both bands sets, and its always nice to play with people you've known for ages.

  31. avatar rentaghost
    I love it when a plan comes together. More of this sort of thing :)
  32. avatar T Entertainment
    Good night that, and clearly well organised. Ron has put up a picture of the bands' rider elsewhere which certainly suggests they were well looked after, refreshing to see.


    Doubly amusing because Ron doesn't drink, as he's gay.
    Sound was spot on.

    CBO are technically masterful...but I just found it a bit like being stuck in a guitar shop with two musos having a very long noodle-off.
    I'm obviously in a minority tho. As usual.
  33. avatar Pavel
    Was a good night, photos should be up soon.

    ...seems even I get caught in front of the camera now and again.

    by [b:499c29f4d5]Claire Smyth[/b:499c29f4d5]

    ...a totally innocent situation, I swear.
  34. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
  35. avatar clss_act_00
    Aye decent night there, seemed pretty well organised. Few drinks promo's wouldn't go amiss tho, 4 bottles of corona for a tenner isn't really a bargain

    Fair dues on splitting the door tax between the bands, nice work the big list
  36. avatar The Ronster
    [quote:e75e1bfecc="T Entertainment"][img:e75e1bfecc]http://img.skitch.com/20090425-diy1e2qcq43c3phyrgrpp3qfxx.jpg[/img:e75e1bfecc]

    Doubly amusing because Ron doesn't drink, as he's gay.[/quote:e75e1bfecc]

    Actually, we figured out that one member in each band doesn't drink, so there ended up being quite a few beers sneaked out the door to other punters.

    More Red Bull and Powerade at these sorts of things.
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  37. avatar T Entertainment
    Where did the pic go?!
  38. avatar The Ronster
    Turns out Twitpic doesn't like you embedding pics from their server without a link back to them, so you can either go back there and copy and paste the code they give you, or else move it to another place, as I've done.

    Mystery solved.
  39. avatar edwin mcfee
    Well I thought that turned out great. that new black bear saloon tune is the business and i loved the rawness of Comply or Die. great to see so many people out and about too and wee golf claps for Damien and Jon for making sure everything ran so smoothly.

    Next month's Big Gig is Mojo Fury, Cashier No. 9 and Dutch Schultz
  40. avatar megustalasangria
    Thought the other two bands couldn't have been more generic if they tried but CBO were wicked. Good night. :D
  41. avatar The Ronster
    Believe me sir, we tried, we tried.
  42. avatar SweetDickWilly
    The Continuous Battle of Order were brilliant. Twas a very messy and enjoyable night! Well done Big List peeps!!
  43. avatar Pavel
    Photos are up in the gallery.

    Gallery: [i:011c479294][b:011c479294][url]http://www.pavelware.com/[/url][/b:011c479294][/i:011c479294]

    [img:011c479294]http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/68/l_cfeaceb0b70649a59601d42e52a74383.jpg[/img:011c479294] [img:011c479294]http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/105/l_4228b9f912cb424aaf919f080e1c2951.jpg[/img:011c479294] [img:011c479294]http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/66/l_c96362b6e07d4c4abcc9d636ad3f05b0.jpg[/img:011c479294] [img:011c479294]http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/79/l_01a19af8d6a1464492e5c15dc50f15c4.jpg[/img:011c479294]