1. avatar Pavel
    I was quite surprised to find almost thirty entries for the inaugural print competition question - although unfortunately only one of them could be chosen from all the correct answers (of which there staggeringly, were not that many) to win the utterly fantastic (atrocious), brilliant (crap) and exclusive (meh) signed print of their choice.

    The winner was (drumroll) - [b:e81ea082e9]Catherine Treanor[/b:e81ea082e9], Belfast.

    To all of the others who entered, and guessed correctly, well done - and try again because clearly you have some musical knowledge of what goes on within the confines of the Northern Irish music scene.

    An 8x10 print of her choice will be winging its way over to her shortly.

    ...and with that, we have a new month and, more importantly, a new question.


    [b:e81ea082e9][u:e81ea082e9]Question 2[/u:e81ea082e9][/b:e81ea082e9]

    [i:e81ea082e9][b:e81ea082e9]Closes April 30th[/b:e81ea082e9] - Which song by Belfast instrumental act And So I Watch You From Afar, features the vocal talents of LaFaro's Jonny Black and Fighting With Wire's Cahir O'Doherty?[/i:e81ea082e9]

    This month, to tie into the release of [b:e81ea082e9]And So I Watch You From Afar's[/b:e81ea082e9] debut album, there will be an additional prize. The lads are exclusively giving away a poster from their album launch night signed by their very own rock worn paws - who knows, the poster may even feature a drop of blood, sweat, tears and a lock of Chris's hair?

    ...so, you know; enter the competition, buy the album, live the dream.