1. avatar xfirefishx
    Hmm, not particularly music related but can I interest anyone in 2 tickets for this play tonight in the Potthouse at 7.45pm.

    I was supposed to be going but am super sick and I don't want to waste the tickets. They're £6.30 each and you can collect them from my friend who is down there.

    But yeah, if you're interested, let me know!
  2. avatar The Uterus Women
    Considering Wendy Carlos' moogy Clockwork Orange soundtrack is my favourite film music in the whole wide world *ever* I'd say it was music related! The opening sequence in the film, with the crude phased synthy-Beethoven, is as chillin' as a chilly thing that's been kept chilled in a, well, freezer box.
  3. avatar The Onset
    Apparently thon play was fecking fantastic, I am now extremely disappointed I didn't get a chance to see it, or Kid-effing-Carpet....I bet it was annoyingly brilliant as well...I hate Albert Camus.
  4. avatar xfirefishx
    I went in the end actually.
    Could only manage the first half but it was *brilliantly* done. Amazing.
  5. avatar 10rapid
    was it rude?
  6. avatar xfirefishx
    Yes, the rape scene made me feel even sicker than I felt already.
  7. avatar 10rapid
    uurggh...would've liked to have seen this play actualy. was the bar made up like a milk bar?
    i hope you're feeling better!!! ;)