1. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle

    I've just realised that some of my gear (Clone Quartet) may have been left behind after the IMRO showcase in Katy's on Wednesday 27th April. Today was our first practice since, so i've only realised that we didn't bring it back with us.

    The equipment is a blue Yamaha An1x synthesiser (in a plain black gig bag) and a Sunburst Squier Jazz Bass (in a black gig bag with Fender logo). I have yet to get in touch with paul or terry (impossible on a friday night) so they may turn up, but if anybody saw them lying around in limelight/katys/s&a on the night or afterwards, or if any of the other bands have found them since, let me know.

    steven [at] kingsteven [dot] com

    or 07793731337