1. avatar Iso9
    hi folks. yeah, tonights is the last electrotoxic
    in the menagerie for the forseeable future.

    cheers to all who came down over 3 and a half
    great years. we've had some pretty special

    please come down tonight to help us see things
    off with a bang. details are over on the gigs page.

    we'll get a new venue asap. cheers.
  2. avatar rentaghost31
    you do realise that Francie has you booked in for october? Edited by: rentaghost31 at: 6/5/05 1:49 pm
  3. avatar the dirty weed
    good luck with this. i've enjoyed any electrotoxic affair i've attended.

    on the subject of venues - anyone ever used the basements in mchughs? was in it last night for the bluegrass gig. really nice place.
  4. avatar Iso9
    any dates still in the book are being cancelled.

    never checked mchughs out. will have a wee look. cheers.
  5. avatar deadman MBE
    Basement in McHughs was the venue for Vacuum CQAF event last Sunday. Definately a decent space but not convinced it'd be the right environment for e/t nights. Uptairs in the Errigle also seemed good the time I was there for Valid Pop, but again it's difficult to predict whether it would work. Surely there's [i]somewhere[/i] apart from the Pavilion
  6. avatar EPK
    There are volume issues upstairs in the Errigle.
    Can't be too loud,y'know.
    I can see Iso 9 living with that....
  7. avatar rentaghost31
    There are also lighting issues with the Errigle, but the sound man is really good to work with.
    Yeah - they have one of those Electronic orange dufers.

    Upstairs in Morrisons?
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Ach, that's a shame - The Menagerie suited ET. Hey ho, good luck with the move. Is anything on upstairs in the DOY on a Friday?