1. avatar xfirefishx
    Due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. the fact that I may or may not throw up all over you), Twisted Disco has been cancelled this week. Tune in *next week* for Goatboy and Tom McShane but until then, can I have some sympathy and a hot water bottle?

    [b]Twisted Disco[/b] this week comes to you from the unusual combination of the Lou and the Goatboy. After his return from London, the Goat has kindly offered to come into the studio in order to give the listening public some sweet nuggets of wisdom and a change of music. He's threatening to bring his guitar so if you fancy a sniff of [b]Pot Pourri[/b] listen in from 5pm!

    On [b]Scene Around Six[/b], we have the delightful Tom McShane in the studio telling us a little bit about his upcoming single and what it feels like to be covered by other bands already! Got any questions for the sweetest man in music, well email them in - studio@queensradio.org marking Tom McShane in the subject line.

    There could possibly be a number of other random guests in the studio over the duration, who knows? Get listening! Get requesting!

    [b]Twisted Disco/Scene Around Six
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  2. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Liam and I could fill in.
    With hilarious consequences.
  3. avatar thegingeritalian
    'filling in' goatboys slot...

    let the smut commence
  4. avatar xfirefishx
    I wish you could Eamonn but *unfortunately* (thank @#%$) it would be against station policy.

    There will be someone else filling in my slot (ooer and all that) but I'm not sure who... I'm sure it will be fabulous anyways... :-D