1. avatar comprachio
    New tuneage from the zoo just came my way.
    Recorded live at Morph's blue room studios recently...
    They're supporting the music and the blueskins in Mandela Hall on the 12th May.

    [url="http://www.thezoorock.com"]listen to it here[/url]
  2. avatar battleofbelfast
    I bloody love that second track. Its immense. The Zoo are the most stylish band I'v seen in a long while.
  3. avatar comprachio
    TBH, they didn't do anything for me until they wrote the new stuff and changed earlier songs (sorry guys).
    Those new three are jems.
    They always had the stage presence, now they've got the tunes to match the swagger imo.
    Haaaparently the peeps of Dublin have really taken a shine to them...
  4. avatar Pete
    They were a pleasure to work with, all those tracks were recorded completely live and most were first takes. Tight as anything and great tunes.
  5. avatar legitmik
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  6. avatar infidelity jP
    saw them live at the wee battle of the bands at willowfield on saturday night there, helped out with sound at it.
    must say they were bwuddy amazing, best live band ive seen in a long time! their stage presence was amazing and they matched that with their kick ass material.
    the guys are all really sound too, easy to talk to. Alone In The City, Any Way I Can and Love Gun are amazing songs