1. avatar goodonpaper
    I’m in the mood for a pub quiz, but am relatively clueless as to where to go.

    I know the Empire has one on a Wednesday night (correct me, please), and there’s one in Whites on a Thursday night (or so Google tells me), but I’d like to be aware of all avenues of possibility before I go and dedicate myself.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I dunno if it's still on, but I used to frequent Katy dalys on a monday for pub quiz...anyone else know if it's still going? Twas a laugh.
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Someone said the Spring&Airbrake does one on a Sunday?
    Bar 12 does the worst one you'll ever go to on a Tuesday.
  4. avatar jonnydiesel
    The one that used to be in Katy Dalys on a Monday is in the S&AB on the same night now.

    It's a good laugh but not much of a quiz - too much music and 'novelty' stuff for the stoodents.
  5. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Great! The spring and onion has as much atmosphere as...ehh...space... :rolleyes
  6. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    there's one in the Globe on Sunday evenings, too.
  7. avatar goodonpaper
    Couldn't imagine the S&A being too hot for a quiz.

    Might chase up The Empire, though - or The Globe if all else fails. Thanks.
  8. avatar numbnut31
    i was in Ryans last night and one promptly expolded just as the football finished...

    so i assume Tues nights in Ryans on the Lisburn Road
  9. avatar xfirefishx
    Also, the Bunatee in the union on Wednesday afternoons... lots of spot prizes of beer etc.
  10. avatar David English
    S&A is cool - we won the quiz on the 18th April
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    Is it the the same zayn-EEE one that used to be in Katy's?
    (*cringe* if so)
  12. avatar dodgi stereo
    I remember a tie break situation where the two joint winners had to take a physical challenge.

    First to down a packet of bacon fries, then scampi fries then a pint (in that order - no spillage allowed) was the winner.

    The one in the Elms before it turned into the Glob was ace.

    The one in the Eg is quite popular.
  13. avatar rentaghost31
    There's one in the Menagerie on a Monday night.
  14. avatar xfirefishx
    Down a packet of bacon fries? Bacon fries should be savoured and not downed... *tuts*
  15. avatar donniefiasco
    The Errigle used to run a good pub quiz on a Monday night too. Seems Monday night is quiz night! Not sure if it is still going.

    It was a proper pub quiz which wasn't aimed solely at kerrrazy students! Not a Supermarket Sweep question in sight....Maybe I'm showing my age!
  16. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I'd recommend a carryout and a game of Trivial Pursuit

    at KD's they do seem to get over excited abou Scampy Fries

  17. avatar The Only Ronster
    Fastfude pub quiz night?

    Teams? Factions? Cliques? Triumphalism and victimisation?

    Organised by someone other than me?
  18. avatar k1ngm0b
    Tiebreak question - Punk what is it?
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    This keeps being floated, then enthused on, then no one wants to take on the responsiblity of organising.
    And frankly, who would?
  20. avatar xfirefishx
    I'd love to organise a table quiz!

    I used to do it all the time when I was younger (the social scene isn't as huge around the wilds of north Antrim as it is in Belfast. A good table quiz is considered traditional going-out fare!). Edited by: xfirefishx at: 5/5/05 4:15 pm
  21. avatar The Only Ronster
    Quiz master: M.C. Mackle

    Suggested rounds?

    Round 1: Local music round

    Round 2: Identify the Real people from the following aliases

    Round 3: Obscure Galway crustcore in the late 80s (Mackle sets the questions)

    Round 4: Classic Fastfude Threads

    Round 5: Local Rumours that turned out to be true

    Round 6: Board users Gogs has attempted to pull

    Round 7: Part 2 of above

    Round 8: Spot the fastfude couple!

    Round 9: Spot the fastfude couple that have split up!

    Round 10: Rudedoodle Drunken Picture Round

    Round 11: Identify the old Demo.

    Round 12: The fake AU covers - funny or bitter?

    Prizes include ability to post gigs in the main forum whenever you feel like it, and MODERATOR STATUS for the winners.
  22. avatar xfirefishx
    I like it. You write the questions Ron. :P
  23. avatar thesneakybandit
    the aliases round and the doodle photo round would be class!

    now where's that photo i took of gogs with his rudedoodle cheeks!