1. avatar Mithrandir81
    I was wondering if any of you well travelled multi cultural observant induhviduals would happen to know if there is a loving caring community similar to the fastfude we all know and love in the manchester area? am considering emigrating to the mainland next year and wanna be checkin this @#%$ out leek...
  2. avatar WaffleyVersatile

    though that might be mainly, uh, the punk scene.
  3. avatar Ron Throd
    You're probably best contacting one Matthew Geary, of Skin the Pig... he's been living over there for a while now and I have no doubt he knows everything about everything in the scene in manchester.

    Email Matt@skinthepig.com, and tell him he's not welcome on these shores any longer. And to get a job.
  4. avatar playennui
    As far as websites go you need to go on manchestermusic.co.uk & manchester-bands.com, there are absolutely loads of venues there, the best being Night & Day, the Roadhouse (Absolutely class venue) and the Jabez Clegg.
    I don't know how it works here but most venues want you to bring a minimum number of people down to gigs and if you can't guarantee it you might not get the chance to play there again, and you can't play two dates in Manchester within three weeks of each other.
    Slightly further afield the White Room in Warrington is a good place to play, will give anyone a chance and always a good atmosphere.
    For nights out you want to go to 5TH Avenue (Indie, avoid on a Friday night the bouncers are cocks) or Rockworld (a lot of 24 hour party people was filmed there) if thats what your into.
    Avoid Wigan, they are all inbreds.
    Also how could I forget you need to check out the wierd and wonderful Afflecks Palace in the city centre for eveything and Anything and for CD's etc you can't beat Vinyl Exchange just across the road from Afflecks.
    I'm feeling a wee bit homesick now
    Forgot how good Manchester is.
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  5. avatar Le Sac Magique

    if you like drum n bass that's a class one
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  7. avatar Mithrandir81
    Marvellous, youve really outdone yourselves with this plethora of relevant and exciting information an i give you my thanks ;)
  8. avatar playennui
    Out of interest why are you moving over there and what part you going to?