1. avatar Across the Line
    ...Republic of Loose/Fighting with Wire/Bellcrash
    ATL TV session, in association with CQAF
    at the little big top in Cathedral Quarter

    £3 or more than likely [b]free for you and yer crew[/b] if you listen to across the line tonight and text in the password.

    (also on ATL tonight - exclusive [b]Idlewild[/b] session, [b]Thee More Shallows[/b] as our [i]Tip Off[/i] and Anna La Faro takes over the local music slot)

  2. avatar thesneakybandit
    i thought this gig was in the festival marquee? are they not two different venues this year?
  3. avatar tenrabbits
    Ah crap.. and there I went and bought a load of tickets for me and my mates. Well that'll teach me.
  4. avatar Across the Line
    we gave some pairs last week as well though...
    yes, it's in The Marquee.
  5. avatar tenrabbits
    Aye.. I bought them a few weeks ago though. I'm only joking anyhow, as there's about 15 of us, and I reckon three quid is great value for this anyway!

    Bring on the loose!
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    I think you'll find you're excluded from entering competitions like that anyway, Charles... :p
  7. avatar tenrabbits
    Christ! I'd never even thought of that!

    Bit of luck I'm too thick to think of entering most comps.. could have been embarrassing..
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Well, if you were *really* devious and bad, you could get a friend to do it on your behalf THEN KEEP THE PRIZE YOURSELF.
    But I know your allegiance to the guiding principles of public service broadcasting is simply too strong for such an abomination to be contemplated even for a second.
  9. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote] allegiance to the guiding principles of public service broadcasting [/quote]

    i.e. the dislike of getting sacked?!

    Anyway - roll on the gig..!
  10. avatar numbnut31
    Ive heard the bellcrash stuff live which is kind of a new(ish) thing for them and its sounding excellent... 8)
  11. avatar namelessnow
    Erm, can you just turn up and pay in to this thing tomorrow then?
  12. avatar cyclone 772
    i'm sure you can.

    looking forward to seeing 'the loose again. empire show was great. and of course there's fww who are never anything other than brilliant. interested to hear what bellcrash are like too.
  13. avatar Across the Line
    yes, tickets a laughably inexpensive £3
  14. avatar MaNAkIn Mick
    Where is this gig/marquee located and how do i get to it...

    Im an ignorant cultch-y

  15. avatar T Entertainment
    Beside the Lagan Lookout, innit. Near the big fish. Just down from that appalling new statue. Behind Laganside Bus Centre.
  16. avatar MaNAkIn Mick
    I like Fish. Thank you.
  17. avatar numbnut31
    queens square, albert clock
  18. avatar Across the Line

    Bellcrash 20.30 - 21.15
    Fighting with Wire 21.45 - 22.30
    Republic of Loose 23.00-close
  19. avatar numbnut31
    Bellcrash are best
  20. avatar numbnut31
    [quote]Bellcrash are best

    FANTASTIC they were...great to see amazing musicians..the brass, percussion and the keys player were all SUPERB!
  21. avatar thesneakybandit
    bellcrash were not really my thing but i admit they were all very talented musicians and after a few beers we were all mimicking yer man's dance moves.

    republic of loose were better than the last time i heard them. disappointed by the smaller than usual crowd that was left by that stage of the evening. rigsy's wee tv show might look a bit empty!

    fighting with wire were musically on great form and all the inter-song bollocking around was highly entertaining. looking forward to sticking the ep's in the player later before heading off to kid carpet.
  22. avatar numbnut31
    ha ha - aye, he does look like he's knitting!! :D