1. avatar charlysays2
    Hello everyone

    I need your help, those nice people at the Fly have finally realised that the regions need more than a couple hundred words every month, so in the not to distant future here's what you'll get:
    A full regional page, i.e Northern Ireland.
    There will be the usual round up, a shot, a live review and a single review, a venue, label or band profile.

    What i need from you is fodder, that means gig listings, demos, singles, albums what ever. Venue/club/label info - the more the better.

    This is a great chance to make the round ups really supportive of your area in a magazine that goes out all over the UK and Ireland.
    No longer will it be a glorified listings page.

    I thank you for your time and look forward to your contributuions and suggestions

    This will take effect as of July issue.

    oh and mods could you stick this for one a wee while just till as any people as poss have seen it - ta
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  2. avatar tinpot anto
  3. avatar jenniemcc
    hey awesome. I sent you a mail earlier about the new gig night in Auntie Annies, did you get that ok?
  4. avatar charlysays2
    I did aye, cheers.

    thats the sort of gigs the NI page will review
  5. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    hey the cmc has gigs on every second saturday in the menagerie. the next one is on the 7th from 2pm - 5pm and gig lsitenings are posted on [url]http://cmc172.tripod.com[/url]
  6. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    Don't suppose you actually need a hand writing it, no?

    Anyway - plug [url=""]this gig[/url], it'll be good.
  7. avatar MaNAkIn Mick
    You got mail from me...
  8. avatar The In Theory Rant
    Aye and give this [url=""]Rawk fest [/url]a plug too!