1. avatar ilovelamp
    My first post!
    guitarist (pref rhythm) looking for band in belfast. seems to me theres a lot of i.ndie kinda bands about. id like to start/join something along the lines of Thin Lizzy ACDC..early kings of leon even and to a lesser extent guns n roses, pearl jam etc just good auld rock.
    anybody needing a guitarist or with similar ambition get in touch. cheers.
  2. avatar slash
    yo yo
    im tryin to get a new band up and running after been in few well established bands over the past few years.
    its rock n roll,classic rock/blues whatever you wanna call it.

    Im lead guitarist and mite need a rhythmn guitarist
    you got bebo or myspace?,cheers

    chris sweet taste
  3. avatar Lancejack74
    Alrite mate! I'm looking for a competent rhythm guitarist for an already existing project. Alternative, anthemic, melodic post-punk rock with a bit of balls about it! Catchy riffs & hooks & rumbling, driving bass lines etc. So if you like your crunching riffs & par chords, then this could be what you're looking for. Own recording facilities too! What more could you want? Based about 7/8 miles outside Belfast. Drop me a line if you're interested.

    email: brokenboysoldier@live.co.uk

  4. avatar ilovelamp
    still looking.. anybody need rhythm?? not bad at lead but im no shredmerchant...
  5. avatar ilovelamp
  6. avatar ilovelamp
    is there nobody out there influenced by the likes of lizzy and acdc who wants to start a band??? im the kinda guitarist that just sits back and lets a lead man work away, i love playin rhythm, theres no ego challenges here. come on!!
  7. avatar ilovelamp

    been involved in a few things but as yet nothing thats lasted to gigging stage