1. avatar barry mk
    Bit late and all, twas his birthday today.
    Don't know what age he is either.
    But happy birthday!
  2. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    I think he's 27.

    Happy Birthday Jamesy! Hope you had a good one.
  3. avatar j0j0
    yes, Happy Birthday!
  4. avatar nonlogic liam
    happy birthday mr shipman, er I mean jamesy.
  5. avatar EPK
    Yes, another bloodbath tomorrow,most likely.
    "keyhole surgery, frig that, gimme the chainsaw"
  6. avatar barry mk
    Aye, last I seen him he was staggering about the Lisburn Road with boak on his balls, hurling abuse at passers by.
    Drunken hoorbag.
  7. avatar EPK
    On his way to work as usual......
  8. avatar dodgi stereo
    With a pocket full of scalpels, and a sloppy brown grin...
    Well done making it thus far.
  9. avatar whosbainejakey
    Another year closer to retirement! Congrats!
  10. avatar Wasp Boy

    Trust him, he's a doctor?