1. avatar Davy Cho
    Anyone know what the story is about getting your CD's sold in the likes of HMV and Virgin?

    Do they have a local type section?

    Do they take much of a % of your dosh?

    Stuff like that.

  2. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    You might have to be on a label or something.

    The only band I have seen in their that are kinda local are Corrigan
  3. avatar The Uterus Women
    I don't think this post will be of much use as I have a terrible memory but when I last approached HMV about selling Feline Dream & Uterus Women CDs they said I had to phone the HMV headquarters and set up some sort of account. But I don't think it was a pre-requisite that you had to be a signed act...
  4. avatar EPK
    Mother of God, what passes for advice these days...
    No, you do NOT have to be signed to a label.
    If you've your own CDs that look professional, and in particular are bar-coded, with a bit of persuasion they should be stocked on a sale or return basis.
    Mind you, the retailers will insist in over 50% of the price going to them, but that's how it goes.
    You'll sign a form detailing how many you've given in, the retail price etc.
    I've had CDs stocked in Virgin, HMV, and Our Price before, and even if you've to talk to someone up the chain, a professional approach and confidence should do the trick. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 2/5/05 11:01 pm
  5. avatar Pete
    HMV in england have our album on sale, but HMV here do not for some reason... work that one out!

    That is handled through Pinnacle distribution though.
  6. avatar kickintheteeth
    While in Lisburn (don't ask why!). I noticed Caroline Music had a whole shelf dedicated to local bands cds !
  7. avatar battleofbelfast
    Caroline are cool. Just go in with a few CDs, present them nicely, be professional and they'll let you leave them in no probs. I forget how much money they take though. I think they are taking 1 or 2 notes off each of our £4 EPs.
  8. avatar gregoriavitch
    I'm pretty sure Involution had their cd in Virgin at one point.
    Dee could probably tell you for sure. Edited by: gregoriavitch at: 3/5/05 10:37 am
  9. avatar wonderfulballoon
    Does anyone know how do you do the barcode thing?
    If everyone
    used the same bar code on their CD then the album sales would all be like one album and we'd get in the charts collectively.

    "Number one in the charts is 10% of Belfast"
  10. avatar zebulon
    [url="http://www.milk.com/barcode/"]Barcode creation resources[/url].
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    You definitely don't need to be signed to get stocked in HMV or Virgin et al - just professionally enough presented as explained above. But you might wanna consider whether there's any real point, given their obscene mark-up. Apart from the atavistic thrill of seeing yer CDs sitting there all proper, like...(I know that was all I got out of my last band's appearance in the racks ;)
    ) Edited by: T Entertainment at: 4/5/05 11:35 am
  12. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]I think they are taking 1 or 2 notes off each of our £4 EPs. [/quote]

    Might make them sound better!

    Oh, I jest.