1. avatar battleofbelfast
    Can anyone explain how to fix our forum? Our webguy is stumped and i know nothign about the subject.
    When you click on a topic to view it the error message,
    "Parse error: parse error, unexpected $, expecting ')' in /home/egorock/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php on line 1207" is displayed. Is this an easy thing to fix? Any help would be much appreciated.
    Heres a link to the forum if it helps.


    Thanks very much.
  2. avatar boyinept
    a change on the server where the site is hosted might mean PHP has had a wee fit. if you send the file 'viewtopic.php' from the server over to me i could take a look at it. it might be a modification you've made to the scripts that's doing it.

    pm me for email