1. avatar upyerbum
    can you help
    im looking to borrow/ buy

    would you have

    saturday night fever
    virgin suicides

    on dvd. (Preferably ) or vhs

    thanks in advance
  2. avatar The Only Ronster
    I can lend you SNF and Virgin Suicides.

    As long as I get a spotlight to dance under at some point in the evening.
  3. avatar upyerbum
    thank you . that would be brillent.
    am finding it very difficult to get thriller, it's not sold anymore.

    if you work in the city i could call in, or if
    it's handy for you, i work in smyth & gibson, bedford street. ( beside the postoffice) you could hand it in there and i'll get it.

    thanks again
  4. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    disney moment as ron spins underneath the spotlight and disco ball reflects millions of tiny dots of light around the room, arms outstretched jesus style.
  5. avatar upyerbum
    michael. hope you've got you kit ready for the prom .never mind clutch
  6. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    ahhh no clutch first then a superman style transformation in a fone box,then off to the prom.
  7. avatar upyerbum
    i'd pay to see that
  8. avatar thesneakybandit
    i can lend you thriller with an extra special documentary called "the making of michael jacksons thriller" on vhs but i'd want it back so you'd have to copy it or something.
  9. avatar upyerbum
    i 'd definitely
    make a copy of it. thanks.
    could you leave it into work. ( smyth and gibson) i could copy it on
    next tuesday in my other job and have it back to you then.
    how does that sound?
  10. avatar thesneakybandit
    as they say in these parts dead on