1. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy...

    Sorry for not being overly musical related(but no doubt everyone loves it).I was wondering what other peoples opinion on this film was? I saw it yesterday and thought it lacked alot. I really don't think it reached its full potential and could have been a much better film. Something missing (not enough guide entries maybe?) but i'm not completely sure what!

    What say YOU?
  2. avatar rudedoodle
    I'm gonna see it this week.
    What I've been trying to find out is where in the books does this film end?
  3. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    They didn't do the fundamentally wrong with the universe line. Which disappointed me.
    But all in all a good show...

    I'll give it 7.5 fingers out of 10.
  4. avatar goodonpaper
    Seeing ‘For Douglas’ at the end pushed me too far, and I began screaming at the screen.
    (apologies for anyone present at the 2 o’clock showing yesterday)

    It was horrible, and Douglas Adams would be spinning in his grave if rotary motion were actually possibly post mortum. I did quite enjoy the look of the film, and seeing the old Marvin and Simon Jones massive floating head made me immensely happy, as did hearing the theme in deafening surround sound, but otherwise, I left feeling very disappointed – they left out all the good bits, desecrated what they did put in, and killed just about everything I’ve ever loved in the books. Very very sad, but should have seen it coming.

    Avoid at all costs, your money would be better spent on the original TV DVD.
  5. avatar Daithi jasper
    or Perhaps Paramount 2 are showing them all back to back tonight starting at 9 apparently..
  6. avatar boyinept
    apparently they gave it a new ending, so lyke, PANIC.
  7. avatar goodonpaper
    They also added a romance.
    Between Arthur and Trillian.

    They gush and kiss and everything.

  8. avatar thesouthpaws
    well i was actually quite enjoying it, (i expected it to be dead @#%$) but trillian was annoyin me slightly cause she was @#%$. But then it just ended, with a kiss too. disgraceful. but what there was i thought was done quite well. The wool was a particularly good touch i thought.
  9. avatar greensleevesisgod
    They did leave out so much good stuff. It's still really frustrating, they could have done so much more!

    Edit: Completely forgot about the wool...That was great!

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  10. avatar Andrew
    It was OK but also... slightly boring.
  11. avatar iamshameless
    It was fairly easy to spot the scenes that DA had written, but it was an enjoyable show - not a patch on the books or radio episodes though.
  12. avatar The Only Ronster
    Right heres the thing though - Douglas Admas was always rather disturbed at the notion of a 'definitive' version of his creation. He himself always made changes for each medium that it appeared in, his reasoning being that the Hitch-hiker universe is perfectly malleable and adaptable.

    So as for making changes to the 'original' story, DNA already did that with each new incarnation! And I bet that some of the changes that people are lamenting in this new movie are his idea.
  13. avatar Mick Nemesis
    in a semi-related note.
    just been to the QFT (very nice tho the seats are a bit tight) to see 'downfall'.
    anyone seen it.
    i thought it was a masterpiece.
    it gave a true representation
    of the chaos that musta been reigning in germany at the time.
    the battle scenes while (rightly) few an for between were immense.
    still the tension throughout the fims was excellent.
    really enjoyed it.
  14. avatar fastfude
    radio != books != TV != film

    like Ron says, there isn't a definitive version (I'm currently scanning Salmon of Doubt to find the quote of him saying almost exactly that).

    I saw it tonight. I thought it was fecking brilliant and I'd heartily reccomend it to all, so nyer!

    I admit to being precious about h2g2, having owned various copies and editions since I was eight years old, but I think this film easily deserves its place alongside the rest (the TV series can happily feck off, mind you).

    It was different to all the other versions, just as they are all different from each other, though it made frequent nods to elements from each of its predecessors.

    It certainly did fast-forward through some bits in a way that smacked of "it'll be padded out better in the DVD", but that's par for the course in mainstream films now.

    Loved it.
  15. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Yeah Mick, myself and a few others went to this evening's show as well.

    [b][url="http://www.downfallthefilm.com/"]Downfall[/url][/b] is the best film I've seen in ages.

    Although hearing an American say afterwards "It's a pity all the main characters killed themselves. Now there'll be no room for a sequel" kinda worried me. Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 1/5/05 11:34 pm
  16. avatar fastfude
    found it:[quote]...whenever I sit down to do another version of Hitchhiker's, it highly contradicts whichever version went before. The best thing I can say about the movie is that it will be specifically contradicting the first book![/quote]
  17. avatar rentaghost31
    Yeah - Hitchhiker's gets a thumbs up from me. I really liked Trillian in this as well. Sandra Dickinson was just too annoying for words.
  18. avatar Mick Nemesis
    [quote]"It's a pity all the main characters killed themselves. Now there'll be no room for a sequel"[/quote]

    if it wasnt so tragic it would be absolutly

    but yeah great show despite the yanks-its prob coz its about the only WWII film with none of them in it.
    they prob didnt even realise what was goin on. *shrugs*
  19. avatar goodonpaper
    You’ll be happy to know I’m getting rather tired of arguing about Hitchhikers, but I did see Downfall yesterday, and loved it.

    Place was packed out - seems that plug on UTV did the QFT the world of good.