1. avatar Peter32Drivers
    Hey people.
    I recently just added my old band 32 Drivers to www.myspace.com

    Hopefully some of you guys who havent heard the stuff before could give me your opinion.
    I wrote the songs when I was about 16-17 so please keep that in mind.
    Cure the Silence = sorta melodic rock
    Leave this Air = Heavy (and alot of people seem to like it the most)
    Would you Fly = Catchy and the most poppy
    Gone Forever = Dont really know how to describe it but i like it.

    Im going to glasgow for uni in September and am gonna start a new band. Any advice as to which songs to keep would be great.

    [url="http://www.myspace.com/32drivers"]HERE IS THE LINK[/url]
    Cheers, Peter
  2. avatar Peter32Drivers
    Also, if the link doesnt work for ya just hit refresh
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