1. avatar Desus
  2. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Quality!! Anyone heard much of the new stuff yet?
  3. avatar Desus
    Think it might have leaked online. Not heard anything yet though. They were brilliant at EP last year.
  4. avatar lincsman
    anyone going to this?
  5. avatar lincsman
    i don't get paid until the day before this gig reckon i can get tickets on the door anyone?
  6. avatar Desus
    Shouldn't sellout in advance. Tickets on the door should be fine.
  7. avatar lincsman
    nice one well looking forward to it, a top band and very underrated IMO
  8. avatar Desus
    Great band, haven't really topped the first 3 albums but as a live band they are fantastic.
  9. avatar lincsman
    yeah definately, if i popped into queens could i get tickets the day before or do you have order online, apologies for the questions i'm english been here 4years but haven't clue lol
  10. avatar Desus
    Yeah we sell tickets up to 6pm on the day of the show. Then we have to reconcile sales before selling them again once doors open.
  11. avatar lincsman
    ok thanks for the info :)
  12. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Anyone got stage times? Might be able to swing this.

    And still grand payin at the door?
  13. avatar Desus
    Looking at provisionally

    Doors 8pm

    Fink 9pm

    Gomez 10pm

    Tickets on door yeah.

    I'll give you the ok with times when I confirm with TM.
  14. avatar kevinfreeburn
    fink should be decent enough support for this. seen a bit of him at electric picnic and thought he ok.
  15. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Cheers Desus. They're a band I've wanted to see live for about ten years now, so why da fuck not tonight I say. Luv the new album... thon 'Airstream Driver' is catchy as flip.