1. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Here are some bands that I've never heard but,appear on my launch cast play lists.So,I'm wondering,can somebody tell me info on what sort of music they play & maybe post a link to their sites,recomend me something to download by them.

    Here goes:Telepopmuzik,The Desert Fathers,Ben Jellen,Nick Drake,Diamanda Gallas,Scott Walker.Also,it would be appreciated if you could give me some in-fo on side projects/similar artists to the ones I've mentioned.

    Here are some bands I've heard & would like to download so,it would be appreciated if you could recomend me what you consider to be their best & why.Again,good if you can post links.

    Traffic,Van Der Graff Generator (spelling? :rolleyes
    ),The Melvins,Family,Camel,Groundhogs,Jimmy Smith,Spastic Ink,Squirell Nut Zippers
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Nick Drake plays quite lovely acoustic folk mitherings about killing yourself (he killed himself). 'Best of' or 'Fives Leaves Left'.
    Van Der Graaf Generator are an insane Moog / Saxophone existential progressive rock assault on society and the senses, with an operatic lunatic (pete Hammill) on vocals - inspired John Lydon, Bowie. Go for 'Still Life' or 'Pawn Hearts'
    Traffic are Stevie Winwood's jazz-rock lite band, expect some flutes. Dunno about albums. TBH, I wouldn't bother.
    Camel are drippy prog rock with songs about Snow Geese which last 23 minutes. Nice guitar. 'Moon Madness'.

    I don't like or know enough about the rest to comment except in very broad terms. So I willnae.

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  3. avatar tinpot anto
    Scott Walker of "The Romantic Scott Walker" Fame.

    Ace producer of knicker-ringing baritone pop as in the Walker Brothers, who in the greatest of traditions, may not have actually been brothers.#

    See "Sun ain't gonna shine any more"

    Recently produced Pulp's last album which was really well produced but lacked decent songs...
  4. avatar numbnut31
    [quote]Nick Drake plays quite lovely acoustic folk mitherings about killing yourself (he killed himself).[/quote]

  5. avatar greensleevesisgod
    VDGG - H to He Who am The only one/The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other
    Camel - The Snow Goose/Mirage
  6. avatar tenrabbits
    Telepopmusic do quite cool French style jazz/house. Most commonly known for the Garnier advert which used that 'breathe' track. Album is a bit hit and miss.

    Diamanda Galas is a mentalist singer, whose voice and style I can't adequately explain. Like opera mixed with Tom Waits.

    EDIT: And the Squirrel Nut Zippers do a kind of updated early American lounge jazz.. pretty good tho.. Edited by: tenrabbits at: 15/4/05 4:46 pm
  7. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    Buy Gluey Porch Treatments by The Melvins. Its great.
  8. avatar churchwarden
    Camel - lots of info here:

    ..and I din't know this...

    "Thus, on 8th October 1971, the group performed their first gig in Belfast under the name of "Peter Bardens On".

    EPK probably did the sound at that gig :)
  9. avatar EPK
    I remember the band, but didn't like them...a bit like the Moody Blues only with worse hairdressers.
    Prog rock for middle class faffs who didn't like Genesis but who could quote Monty Python ad nauseum.
    Besides, I was doing sound for The Who that week.
  10. avatar JennyHill
    Télépopmusik are one of the few bands I like that don't fit neatly into the three-piece-indie-rock category
    Laid-back electronic stuff, makes me want to dance around the house.

    I know nothing about anyone else you listed except that I am familiar with one Squirrel Nut Zippers song, a live version of "All Along the Frying Pan", which irritates me enormously.
    But that's hardly enough to form a firm opinion on them!
  11. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Diamanda Galás is a unique and incredible voice, though very far from accessible and quite chilling to listen to. She is also an incredible pianist with some very bizzarre ideas. Rather than moody piano, her stuff is more like some sort of macabre southern blues with jarring notes and a totally uncomfortable feel. She also sings in at least three languages
    almost constantly making the whole thing a fascinating and compelling listen, but also a bloody hard one.

    "Malediction and Prayer" would be my plum.
  12. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Ciaran,any chance you could do me some burns of Diamanda Galas &,give them to Owen for me?

    I downloaded SNZ "put a lid on it" :)

    I'll check out that Camel link.I remember hearing a bit of that camel "moonmadness" :hat

    * 8o
    * Searching for some Scott Walker

    I also remember seeing a Nick Drake score in work,I looked in it & there was some unusual down~tunings which,might be interesting to hear,specailly if it was originally composed on an acoustic.My boss spoke highly of him.

    For those who like to self indulge go here:


    They've got these cracker wee animations & drawings with a silent cartoon script behind them to try to get you to imagine what the lyrics would be if they had any~ genious!! Edited by: ensemblemaniac at: 15/4/05 9:11 pm
  13. avatar k1ngm0b
    I'm sure you already know about this but www.allmusic.com is a great site for getting to know about bands which are similar to the ones you are into.

    Each band has a link to artists they were influenced by or went on to influence and bands who play the same kind of music.

    They also recommend best songs/albums.
  14. avatar ensemblemaniac
    King,I've went to that site & they've some good @#%$ on it.I've signed up but,everytime I log~in it says "invalid password" :(
    Do they have downloads too?
  15. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Dave if you haven't checked this site out already, you'll f*cking love it!

    It has free sample downloads for almost every band and you can review the albums. It's great.

  16. avatar ensemblemaniac
    I'm gonna check it out now Chris.Sounds like the ticket
  17. avatar The Fires of Hell

    Sounds like pergutory.
  18. avatar um david
    [url="http://www.allmusic.com/"]seriously dude, search engines...[/url]

  19. avatar wabmonkey1
    When it comes to Nick Drake, I wouldn't describe him like that.

    Nor would I recommend Five Leaves Left as an intro.

    Pink moon has some lovely wee, life affirming songs, songs like From The Morning, or Which Will.

    Alright, so he topped himself soon after, but those are lovely wee songs, and I wouldn't say they're about wanting to die.

    Bryter Layter, the previous album is also brilliant, with a more jazzy feel, and cracker songs like Hazey Jane II

    "What will happen in the morning when the day it gets so crowded that you can't look out the window in the morning"

    Also of note on Bryter Layter is some lovely harpsichord, piano, celeste and organ playing by the one and only John Cale, on Fly and Northern Soul, both of which are absolutely beautiful songs.

    Five Leaves Left, although it was Nick's first album, is altogether more sombre, relying more heavily on classical elements, violins and cellos and the like.

    It's nowhere near as good as the later two albums.

    I realise, of course, that this is all about Nick Drake, but that's because I think everyone of those other bands and musicians are @#%$, bar none.

    But yes, buy some Nick Drake.
    He's a @#%$ genius.
  20. avatar EPK
    Just get "River Man".
    Even if he'd only ever done that one track, he'd still be a genius in my book.
  21. avatar 10rapid
    northern sky for me....

    get bryter layter and then become obsessed by john cale!
    apparently some of his symphonies involve pushing pianos through walls..
  22. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Chris,I've been on that site all day & it's wonderfull.Contains every act that in some way or another could be described as prog & has cracker mp3's as well as good writtings
  23. avatar ChaosInEden
    groundhogs are pretty much that 70's rock sound, go for something like split, which is their most well known...
  24. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Thought you might like. :smokin
  25. avatar The Onset
    Quick question: are/ is Télépopmusik similar to Air...french...chilled...? or better/ worse?
  26. avatar dodgi stereo
    They have some tunes in the Ye-Ye style. not really like air.