1. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Hi all,
    My site has been down for a few months now, but I have finally got around to rebuilding it.
    The site is now at grahamsmithphotography.com (instead of .co.uk) so if anyone has linked to my site, please update these. More pictures to be added in the next few weeks but the basic site is now up and contains a lot of pics I have never put up before.

    If anyone has any problems or comments (good or bad) about the new site please let me know or email me.

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com"]www.grahamsmithphotography.com[/url] Edited by: GrahamSmithNI at: 20/11/04 1:46 am
  2. avatar Seulement encore
    I liked the pictures on your site.
    But, again, no thumbnails.
  3. avatar Markfromgiveway
    nice site graham, keep truckin!
  4. avatar vivoneill
    My first post!
    great site! i love the pics of special needs
  5. avatar Wasp Boy
    Very nice. I shall be in touch with you soon about doing some photos.
  6. avatar Sansie

    i like the layout of the new site, its pretty well defined and gves the pictures preference.

    I also like the way you have put images of the same band throughout the the past few months, it shows your different photography style over that time, as well as showin how everyone ages!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Cheers for the comments.
    Waspboy, give me a shout when you are ready for photos (climbing on fish optional)
  8. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    I like the new layout, and I love the way that it's really easy now to find particular bands.

    My only gripe is that the dropdown menu is bigger than my screen, and if I try to scroll down to click on the links at the bottom, the whole thing disappears.
    Guess I'll never get to see whatever's after Vietnam

    (Unless there is another index page that I'm just not seeing?)
  9. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    That is on the list of things to change next time I do an update - that menu will be split up into something like A-M, N-Z sub-menus to make it all easier to use.
  10. avatar Markfromgiveway
    (This message was left blank) Edited by: Markfromgiveway at: 27/11/04 8:18 pm
  11. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Well...um....yeah...once again I am not really happy with the site so it has been stripped right down for a while until I get time to really sit down and do something decent with it.

    But until then my basic portfolio has been updated which can be found below for anyone interested. Cheers

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/portfolio.htm"]Promo Portfolio[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/liveportfolio.htm"]Live Portfolio[/url]
  12. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Ah f*ck it...oneday I will build a site I am actually happy with

    Until then, I have done a portfolio update which can be found here for anyone interested -


  13. avatar comprachio
    I particularly liked the sky in the involution and skypilot pics.
    It looks so good that it doesn't look real...
  14. avatar Davy Cho
    It was real alright!
    Great wee day was had arsing about the hills in the snow m/
  15. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    It was indeed a good day - bloody cold but luckily the sun came out for about an hour allowing us to get those shots. (Still doesn't beat the infamous "Doagh Rock City Sign" picture *cough*)

    (and as I happen to be typing this message anyway and have just uploaded some corrigan pictures, here is a link for anyone interested :
    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/Corrigan/index.htm"]www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/Corrigan/index.htm[/url] )
  16. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Clearing out my "temp" directory to free up some space in a week or so, but until then links to some recent stuff from the past few weeks can be found below:
    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/FWW7/index.htm"]Fighting With Wire Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/lafaro4/index.htm"]La Faro Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/elation/index.htm"]Elation Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/22-20s/index.htm"]22-20's Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/Acidtone/index.htm"]Acidtone Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/corrigan/index.htm"]Corrigan Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/DBN2/index.htm"]Driving By Night Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/Element/index.htm"]Element Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/mojofury/index.htm"]Mojo Fury Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/PatioSounds/index.htm"]Patio Sounds Promo[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/RedSirus/index.htm"]Red Sirus Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/tvr/index.htm"]Torgas Valley Reds Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/SixstarHotel/index.htm"]Sixstar Hotel Promo[/url]


    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.com/temp/thebetesnoires/index.htm"]The Betes Noires Live[/url] Edited by: GrahamSmithNI at: 7/2/05 5:51 pm
  17. avatar turtlefish
    nice photo's there graham. Cheers
  18. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    General site update, new galleries, old photos back up, unseen photos and all that sheeeite -

  19. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Site updated again, new pics, portfolio tidied up etc...

  20. avatar Peter32Drivers
    your live photography is breath taking stuff. great work
  21. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Thanks very much Peter