1. avatar churchwarden
    Some ne'erdowells have nicked my black ford capri from outside my house on Ormeau :(

    If anyone happens to notice one burnt out, knocked into
    lamp-post, or for sale in your local stolen goods mini-mart, please inform the appropriate authorities (ie: me)

    Since there are only two black capris in Belfast (and the other belongs to SMACK, from Unbound/ Pure Dance etc.), hopefully it should be easy for the police to spot...
  2. avatar better smeg than dead
    Why don't you call the police?

    Oh wait...

  3. avatar churchwarden
    Of course I phoned the police...

    They probably wondered why anyone would steal a twenty year old car
  4. avatar dodgi stereo
    I wonder why the police don't do their job more often/thoroughly.

    I mean they don't look for prints after break-ins any more, and just give you a piece of paper with victim support written on it...

    Sorry to hear about the car gettin' nicked; chances are if it's as rare as you say, it may be across the border, or in seperate parts already.
  5. avatar mikey fusz
    how do u know it was spides?
  6. avatar Markfromgiveway
    capri's are sweet cars, my friends boyfriend has one, but its orange and is horrid.

    when my sister was a student up around that way she got her car broken into twice with a screwdriver inside 6 months

    good luck getting it back sir.
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  7. avatar churchwarden
    OK, I was using spide as shorthand for complete and utter f*cking b*stard c*nts - who may actually be professional car thieves in the manner of raffles or some other stylish and sophistiated gentleman thief...

    Though on the ormeau road, I think spide with screw-driver taking it for a joy ride sounds a bit more likely
  8. avatar churchwarden
    burnt out >:

    They could have at least sold it - stupid f u c k s !
  9. avatar craic addict
    Nightmare Ken.
    I was in the house the other night with my pal waiting on callback.
    The phone goes and we go out to find two wee feckers PUSHING yes, PUSHING my van down the street cos they couldn't get it started(the battery had been removed earlier).
    Certainly not big on brains and certainly 2 very sore faces.
    Wee f.uckers.
    Wish I could blame the students.... :
    Cops are a mere formality these days.
    Bit like insurance.
  10. avatar nodancinginfo
    Terry Lav's car was broken into outside our house in rosetta, a neighbour saw it happening and called police, who arrived (after about 20mins) and instead of knocking the door and telling terry what had happened...wrote 'your car has been broken into, call ormeau road police station' on a yellow sticky, stuck to the stearing wheel.
  11. avatar Pete
    [quote]wrote 'your car has been broken into, call ormeau road police station' on a yellow sticky, stuck to the stearing wheel.[/quote]

    I know it's not funny, but my sides are hurting here!!

    If we didn't laugh we'd cry
  12. avatar Cheeses Christ
    My car was broken into about a year ago (and getting it fixed is very much an ongoing process given that it's going to eventually cost in the high three figures) but the cops actually caught the person who did it from fingerprints. When they phoned me and told me to come down to the police station I thought they wanted me to bring a baseball bat, but no, it was only to give a statement.
  13. avatar PaulMaks
    [quote]'your car has been broken into, call ormeau road police station' on a yellow sticky, stuck to the stearing wheel.[/quote]

    Thats a a @#%$ disgrace!

    But funny in a bystandering way!!!

    I hope you get the car friend. We had a car broken into last year. Its not very nice.

    Paul Maks

  14. avatar The Only Ronster
    [quote]your car has been broken into, call ormeau road police station' on a yellow sticky, stuck to the stearing wheel[/quote]

    The EXACT same thing happened to me years ago too. They must print those stickies in bulk...
  15. avatar tenrabbits
    Could be worse.. my mate had his clio burnt out in Edinburgh byt the fecking council.. they'd been out blow-torching the road (??) and had set fire to some oil on the road, which ignited his car. Insurance wouldn't pay for it as it was some council protection. Council didn't give a sh1te.. 16 grand of car gone.

    Police did the same thing.. yellow stickers and surrounded the car with cones..!
  16. avatar playennui
    Whats a spide?
  17. avatar tenrabbits
    I've said this before.. it's a retired spy.
  18. avatar wabmonkey1

    Most of them are still spies.

    Isn't that why they always get away with it?

    Well known fact, that.

    It's even been admitted by Chief constables.
  19. avatar playennui
    Thanks for answering my question
  20. avatar battleofbelfast
    A chav, a scally, a steek, a ned, a spide etc etc. One who wears all in one tracksuits and picks fights with passers by.
  21. avatar wabmonkey1
    Scumbeg wee f.uckers, we call them.
  22. avatar playennui
    I get it, best thing to do to distract a chav is to tell them their Dad is walking down the otherside of the street.
    They get all emotional then 'cos they think they will meet him for the first time.
  23. avatar craic addict
    [quote]Scumbeg wee f.uckers, we call them. [/quote]

    or Noodles or Smicker or Janty or Packy or Skeezie or.... :lol
  24. avatar Aine Knees
    I was looking at
    again as it's so funny, especially Darren and Devo the spides, and coincidentally I was listening to radio 1 afterwards and heard this really hard track off Sh*tmat's Lesser Spotted Burberry EP, which samples Devvo's pearls of wisdom. Apparently on his Full English Breakast record he has a track that features a blend of the Trisha, Blue Peter and Archers themetunes, only like gabba/ragga stuff

    Shitmat - Lesser Spotted Burberry (newt records)
    12" Vinyl
    After last year's "Killababylonkutz" & "Full English Breakfast" full lengths, UK's Shitmat (Henry Collins) changes tack with this ragga-less collection of upfront, aggressive tracks. Heavy on the distorted gabba kicks and breaks but with a much darker sense of humour.
    £5.49 / $10.16

    By the way, sorry to hear about your car being nicked and burnt out, that's awful
  25. avatar Markfromgiveway
    ahh @#%$ one

    good luck getting set up with another!
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  26. avatar churchwarden
    Made the Papers!

    Though not in a good way...

    Looks like it is beyond repair...

    ...so back to autotrader in the slender hope of finding another capri that is black andd still road worthy...

    Now off to the bar to grumble at all and sundry and drink way to much vodka while myself and Mrs dark drown our sorrows (yes, even more drink than normal I would guess)
  27. avatar Pete

    Hopefully you can salvage lots of bits off that one for spares incase you do find another one.

    Good luck
  28. avatar Peter32Drivers
    When i was in B.R.A (thats a school btw) one of the caretakers had a lovely black capri.
    I wanted it so much... coolest car a caretaker has ever driven im thinkin. you could ask that guiy if he'l sell it if you are desperate for another.
  29. avatar Dirk McQuickly
    As a former Capri owner, I share your grief... :(

    Try Lowe's of Larne for a replacement.
    They normally have shed load of them and will pretty much build one to order if you want.
  30. avatar Kellfire
    Sorry about your car dude, hope insurance forks up nicely.. but i cant help but think how funny it would've been if you'd open this thread with the title "someone done stoleded my wheels"...

    It's late.
  31. avatar die the flu
    Thats odd, cuz I read this thread and then looked in the paper and noticed the article about the burning Ford on the M1 and thought "Hmmmm...." and turns out it twas.

    I also dreamt about four birds (the feathered kind) killing each other the other night and when I walked out my front door the next morning there was a dead bird lying on the footpath outside my flat.

    So there.
    Or something.