1. avatar Godfrey Axe
    Take In The Scene is a new fanzine covering the local scene and the local scene ONLY.

    The first issue is already about coffee shops and usual places so keep an eye out. It's literally an A4 sheet folded over making a four page newsletter type thing. This is non profit and done solely to promote the local music scene whether it be bands, promoters, record companies, new releases and of course journalists.

    So far I have Marianne Barinuk from Belfast Calling working for me for no pay but she seems happy to be involved with the mag and get her work seen. Also looks pretty good on her CV.

    If your interested please give me a link to some of your work and hopefully I'll be asking you to interview a band or review a CD for the next issue.

    400 of the first issue were printed and I'm hoping to increase that next month so a lot of people will see your work.

    I don't check this too often so it's probably better to email me takeinthescene@googlemail.com

    As you can probably tell I don't write for the fanzine myself I just knock it all together and do the dirty work :)

    Godfrey Axe
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  2. avatar fastfude
    [quote:8232d62669="Godfrey Axe"]I dont check this too often so it's prob better to email me [/quote:8232d62669]You should probably start checking this site and others regularly then, given the amount of local scene traffic that passes through.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    [quote:ccd0ab03c7]Marianne Barinuk[/quote:ccd0ab03c7]

    Do you mean Annie Baraniuk?
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    Annie's real name is Marianne. I don't know why I know that.
  5. avatar Godfrey Axe

    Marianne Baraniuk.

    Ya she goes by Annie. She's an amazing writer check out her ASIWYFA interview and Cutaways CD review. Very impressive stuff. She's agreed to do a few more for me which is pretty much why I decided to do this. Instead of folk searching for news on local bands (on great sites like this one) we're pretty much shoving it in peoples faces who might not know how good the scene here is. Picking up a wee newsletter with ASIWYFA presents A LITTLE SOLIDARITY on the FRONT cover might get some of these acts the exposer they deserve.

  6. avatar -TheKasbah-
    I just sent you an email there now. ;]
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  7. avatar MatthewC
    yep I sent you an email too
  8. avatar -TheKasbah-
    You can reply to the email anytime =P
  9. avatar Godfrey Axe
    hey guys thanks for the interest so far it's been amazing. I've been busy working at the solidarity festival all weekend so sorry about not replying. I would love to use everyone but as it's a small mag I don't no if it can be done but well see what we can do. I'll try and get back to you all in the next week.

    Mr Axe.

    ps-my name is not Godfrey Axe I just needed a new acc to keep this seperate from my band stuff.

    Gerry :)
  10. avatar NumberBlack
    I just realised this is the mag I picked up the other day in four star pizza. It was pretty good.
  11. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH

    This reminded me about the A Little Solidarity review I told her I was going to do. Them goddamn uni essays keep making me forget.
    But yeah, she is up to some interesting stuff with Belfast Calling and knows how to write.
  12. avatar Persistence
    Have just pm'd you...