1. avatar The Prisoner
    Does anyone know if the compressor on this mixer is assignable to individual channels?

    I asked Behringer but they ignored me. Their gear is decent but their manuals are shi_t!

    If anyone knows then I'd appreciate it.

    The compressor comes under the Ins FX (No Ch Rout) list

    However from what I can gather the controles allow for independant channel processing, such as compressor applied to channel 5 and 6 and so on.

    If anyone has experience with this mixer I'd appreciate any advice or knowledge.

    P.S the manual gives some crap about muting a channel switch but it's not explained very well.


    check this image for reference:

  2. avatar The Prisoner
    Behringer got back to me. It's ok on the question. Compressor is channel assignable, however the manual just confuses the hell outta me suggesting something about muting a channel blah blah.

    Behringer themselves said to basically select the compressor, and turn the fx to channel pot up to desired level and only that channel gets affected providing the FX master fader is up. What I thought then :lol:

    Good stuff