1. avatar EB
    Ok. The lead channel suddenly decided not to switch via. the footswitch. Everything else works fine.
    Who can I bring it to?

  2. avatar soundproofnoise
    i got a new one on ebay for like 30 quid when mine broke. then that broke too so i gave up and bought a tubescreamer. the tsl footswitch is a pretty shoddy product, as is the head now that i think of it, its died on me at least 8 times haha. its currently still coughing and spluttering. but anyway more to the point the footswitch's health is likely to deteriorate further so if i was you i'd invest in a stompbox or two. I get a better sound with the tubescreamer than i ever did with just the amp anyway
  3. avatar EB
    new footswitch ordered already, shouold be here this week.
    But I was hoping to get the amp serviced and this issue looked at also.
    Does anyone have a number for the much mentioned Tony Hamilton? I would be grateful if someone would PM it to me.

  4. avatar EB
    New footswitch arrived and problem solved.
    Now... Can the midi lead on the old footswitch be repaired?
    Is there anyone who does this type of work?
    any help appreciated.