1. avatar rentaghost
    According to the gig listings 'adding a gig' function, Friday 14th November is somehow in the past already and according to me this is only Tuesday 11th?

    Have I somehow stumbled into the future?
  2. avatar donkeymagician
    the only thing i can suggest is check the format of the date, i think ff has a funny way of formating- the month maybe goes before the day or something...it says above the date bit what way to format it so check that.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    i was definitely doing it right - I checked three times.
  4. avatar rentaghost
    seems to be sorted now :)
  5. avatar Warren Drugs
    Can anyone tell me how to delete a gig from the listings?
    Am I missing something really obvious?
    Also, how can you change the date in a listing?
    It won't seem to let me, I've no idea why.