1. avatar thefonz
    most of these bands/people are from the triangle area, and their all making their mark on local music.

    Jonny Black(la faro)
    ed zealous
    Panama kings(i think)
    Henry Mc Cullough(legend)
    (not a bad list for a place i feel gets over looked when people are talking talent)

    theres also alot of up and coming talent from here aswell, they can mostly be found playing in the retro portrush great venue for local talent.
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  2. avatar rentaghost
    Parma Kings?
    Do you mean Panama Kings or are you implying that they are a bit hammy?
  3. avatar thefonz
    lol sorry i meant panama sorted now
  4. avatar rentaghost
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    The Parma Kings are part of the equally successful Cheese Triangle scene.
  6. avatar fopp
    This is all a bit rude.
  7. avatar outcomethepunx
    There definately has been some amazing music come out of the triangle in recent years.I miss the days of zombie safari park and p45 just as i was starting with Gunther when Man Overbored etc were just coming out too!

  8. avatar T Entertainment
    [quote:9aa52e985e="fopp"]This is all a bit rude.[/quote:9aa52e985e]

    Don't you recognise a truly appalling joke when you see one?
  9. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Gotta love the Retro and the Causeway Rock scene. But in that list there is a MAJOR name missing, what about Team Fresh?
  10. avatar fopp
    [quote:06d6c9422f="T Entertainment"][quote:06d6c9422f="fopp"]This is all a bit rude.[/quote:06d6c9422f]

    Don't you recognise a truly appalling joke when you see one?[/quote:06d6c9422f]

    Mr Entertainment, I refuse to recognise that your joke was appalling, when it was really quite magnificent.