1. avatar unleashedjohn
    Baleful Creed are looking a drummer to complete the lineup. We have only just formed a few months ago and have a few tunes up on our myspace. The tunes were created over the internet and used a drum machine so we are really looking forward to getting a drummer who can really add something to the songs.


    Have a listen there and I suppose closest references/influences are Fireball Ministry/Danzig/The Cult

    Based in East Belfast and Newtownards, we do have a practice space available but your own transport would be a great benefit.
  2. avatar unleashedjohn
    To the 'username' PM I received - not sure if the PM reply by me was sent. Is 'username' just a Guest account?
  3. avatar Belle
    I'll have a go though you might need to give me a free lift.
  4. avatar unleashedjohn
    That lift as you can't get your fat ass up the stairs?

    (Good luck on the board Belle!)
  5. avatar unleashedjohn

    Surely someone out there keen on some tub-thumping?

    To start with it may only be a fortnightly practice in free accommodation and kit can be stored there safely. Practice area is in Ballygowan.

    Anyone already in a band and looking a wee side project is more than welcome.
  6. avatar unleashedjohn
    Worth a bump.
  7. avatar unleashedjohn
    Up you go.
  8. avatar Belle
    Have a free bump laddie.