1. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Ok, so I've been searching high and low for a ticket to tomorrow nights Airbourne gig, and its been suggested that i would be able to obtain a ticket pretty easily from a scalper at a jacked up price? Now im not overly familiar with this concept but lets say id be willing to pay 30 quid for a 15 pound ticket, what would the chances be of me eventually getting a ticket and what would be the risks involved(apart from the obvious) and im assuming scalpers are people who flog tickets outside of the venue.
  2. avatar 10rapid
    there aren't many scalpers around at belfast gigs i've noticed. get down early and someone might be selling a spare
  3. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    nah see i never saw it myself hence why im unfamiliar with it.
    It did cross my mind though that it was some sort of thing you kinda had to know what youre looking for.
    what do you reckon are my chances of finding one?
  4. avatar 10rapid
    Dunno. Don't know the band or how popular they are but there's usually someone selling. mate can't make it etc...
    Of course you could email the band and plead. Worked for me before. touring band with no mates to fill the guestlist places...gets me into the walkmen every time!
  5. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    that sounds like a lofty but pretty awesome idea, mind you its rediculously short notice...
  6. avatar 10rapid
    it's never too late for ass kissing!

    and pleading!
  7. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    pretty sure Stone Gods and Airbourne are far to big for such a plea to not go unheard.
    Any other advice people can give in relation to scalpers?
  8. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Kill them all the ticket hoarding price inflating cunts