1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Im sure Desus will update but here's the low-down for the hoe-down:

    [b:0f22f6f051]Radar Live at the Speakeasy
    Thursday 13th November[/b:0f22f6f051]


    [b:0f22f6f051]The Delawares

    Jackson Cage

    Captain Kennedy[/b:0f22f6f051]
  2. avatar Stevie Mac
    Holy fried Americana Batman!

    Count me in :)
  3. avatar Desus
  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    This here is tonight so it is.

    (Desus, what time do ye need us down for the soundcheck? Cheers)
  5. avatar PhatBob
    Can anyone post up the doors and stage times for this please???

    Oh yeah and cost?
  6. avatar Desus
  7. avatar KeithC
    Cant wait for this, Yeee Haa boys, so it is!
  8. avatar crouchingferret
    Now with added poster. C'pn Kennedy on in an hour!

  9. avatar Captain Kennedy
  10. avatar noelyg05
    Capt K should of headlined this, best band of the night by miles from what I saw though those 1.70 pints did kick in towards the end :D