1. avatar deadonmusic
    deadonmusic have several exciting new projects in the pipeline for 2009 and we want to hear from you bands!

    1. The Country Club is back. After some "technical" difficulties in the middle of 2008 the Country Club will finally get under way in January 2009. We want to hear from bands who would consider themselves to play or be influenced by country, folk, bluegrass etc. particularly solo acoustic acts as well as bigger bands.

    2. Following on from the hugely successful Johnny Cash night in September we will be staging monthly "Legends" nights in 2009. If you're in a band, a solo artist, a DJ or whatever let us know who you're musical heores are and what songs you'd like to do to pay tribute to them.

    We'll try and reply to each message we get but it may take a while to get around you all. Send us a message on here or email scott@deadonmusic.com
  2. avatar deadonmusic
    Just thought I'd add that the "Legends" opportunities are not just for acoustic or country acts. We want to hear from bands who would consider themselves metal, emo, ind*e, punk, pop, electro or whatever other label the NME would stick on you...

  3. avatar ThePenguin
    I'm game,

    if you'll have me.



    Oh - and I've a whole bunch of musical heroes.
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  4. avatar ANGIE47
    Hi. We could always do a bit of ACDC if it fits in...
  5. avatar deadonmusic
    Ahh you bands are very shy about your music heroes and influences. We're going well with the country styled nights. There's a whole lotta yee-harr out there but we need more of you for the other evenings.

    As you all seem to be a bit quiet on who's songs you'd like to do we're going to throw out some ideas...

    - Springsteen
    - The Clash
    - Rolling Stones

    Anyone else?

    Also it'd be nice if people who message us could tell us what band they're in and stuff so we can go check them out.

  6. avatar ThePenguin
    Well if you want ideas,

    What about

    The Smiths
    Led Zeppelin?