1. avatar The enfant terrible
    Hey all I've uploaded some tracks for my new band Cherry Kickflip. Check them out:\

  2. avatar Ric_vdb
    pretty avant-garde stuff there, can i sign you to my label?
  3. avatar Redfin
    Although I don't know them personally can anyone seriously not listen to "On the phone" and imagine a conversation between Tinpot Anto and Chi-lite :wink:
  4. avatar The enfant terrible
    I might be sued if I reveal whose phones were bugged for that recording...
  5. avatar The enfant terrible
    If people can bump pish gigs that no one wants to go to I can bump this thread about Cherry Kickflip.

    Bow down and fear pain.
  6. avatar dodgi stereo
    Is this MAX/MSP material?
    Crunchy, like a granular synth.