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    Hey guys, basically just advertising for a drummer for a newly-forming Alternative Rock band based in East Belfast. The bands musical direction will be something along the lines of a punk/alternative rock style, similar to the likes of Fighstar, Minus the Bear, FFAF, etc.

    If you or anyone you know are between 16 and 21, able to travel to East Belfast for a practise on a Sunday,dedicated, a pretty good drummer and up for forming something original, gigging and taking the band as far as we can get, then give us a shout.. Add me to msn, mikeybr91@hotmail.com

    Cheers :-D

    P.S - we'll be shifting practises between my house when available (which may not be much of the time) and a recording studio in Ballybeen which costs us about 2.75 an hour per person.
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