1. avatar The enfant terrible
    Please watch this, I had to sit through it once out of politeness and by fuck this is the most unfunny bollocks I've ever seen in my fucking life, and the audience pissing themselves makes it even worse.

  2. avatar Nathan Jones
    Aye, I've seen this quite a few times - it gets wheeled out when folk are trying to out-funny each other on Youtube. It gets very old very quickly.

    I agree though. Your ma and the milkman were a lot funnier.
  3. avatar Danny McCormack
    Ach it's worth a watch, even if it is to just laugh at its pathetic repeating of jokes.
  4. avatar PhatBob
    I managed to last 2 minutes 12 seconds before I had to poke myself in the eye with a stapler.
  5. avatar Tele
    Why not do a 'Pvt. Jones the Dead Marine' parody. I bet that'd go down really well.
  6. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    my da's a milkman
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    I thought it was pretty funny. Does that make me hatey-mchatecrime? Hope so.