1. avatar MaRS
    My first post!

    An associate of mine and myself are collaborating on some drum and bass tracks at the moment, with 3 planned for the coming period, 2 with ideas written for ground work, the other being an arrangement, the final plan is for 5/6 to be finished to then flip from being purely on record to a live band instead of just DJ-ing the material, and start putting it out there.

    We will eventually be needing a keyboard/piano player interested in the genre (and pretty much every other style of music) to handle samples and piano lines/leading lines etc over the tracks live and to time/control the feeds of samples going to a drumkit during the set, as well as maybe contribute to writing.

    We're also considering the possibility of using a vocalist at least in the recording stages for voiced parts of the tracks, and live if the final product leans in that direction.

    Both of us have other full-time music projects at the moment, so nothing too serious is demanded in terms of commitment and so participation is relaxed, however it will still be treated as something that'll hopefully come to fruition with hard graft. The project is exremely young, but we have access for the time being to recording facilities and are up to our eyes in useful gadgets for producing some WIKKED BEATS, BOOKA! BOOKA!

    If anyone is interested, please PM and I'll try and provide any more info needed.

    Thanks! :D