1. avatar Cugel
    Has anyone got a local source for CD mailers to fit a standard jewel case?

    I've a load of CDs going up on Amazon and I've got a sale and nothing to post it in. :(

    If the source is not local would anyone have a few that they would part with to keep me going in the short term. I've found some places on the interweb, but I need some quick :)

  2. avatar The Grace Jones
    I got some in the post office on the corner of Bridge Street/High street pretty recently.
  3. avatar Midhir Records
    tescos sell them in batches of three. They're perfect size for 1 or 2 normal size CD cases and they're cheap as chips - maybe under 20p each. Literally a penny more than I get them wholesale!!
  4. avatar Cugel
  5. avatar dupadisc.ie
    I have about 50,000 cardboard cd mailers in stock...

    how many you want?

    email me to dupadisc at dupadisc.co.uk