1. avatar stevekee
    ...has anyone heard of them? oh my flip they are good. i wanna be in that band. are there any local bands that sound anything like them. i need to go hear them. and then join them or just convince them to let me sit at the back and listen. sweet mercy thats good music
  2. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    aye didn't they go on to be in Band Of Horses? Haven't heard them but Yakuza producer Dubh David Black produced some of their early stuff I believe...must check them out...
  3. avatar stevekee
    yeah, the band of horses singer was in carissa's wierd. and the guitarist/songwriter on thier firts album is the lead guy from cw who started his own band called grand archives, whos album is also excellent, if not quite as depressing as cw. the drummer from the first boh album and cw is sera cahoone who has also released 2(?) solo albums and the girl singer from cw is in a band called s think. its one bit seattle indie family tree.
    but seriously they were awesome, im genuinely upset ill never get to see them live