1. avatar theprogfrog
    about 5 years experiance
    main influences are
    claudio sanchez
    jimi hendrix
    omar rodriguez lopez
    thomas erak

    add me if you want
  2. avatar punkusha
    I am looking for accoustic guitarist. Check my voice on myspace.com/ladysilk08

    email me: ladysilk2008@googlemail.com

  3. avatar adamthecat


    musicians needed!

    me (guitar) and the drummer have been composing- and are now ready to start gigging/ recording!

    influences- explosions in the sky, mogwai, sigur ros,
    this will destroy you, and so i watch you from afar!
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  4. avatar anty
    and in this thread I will create a band

    Ladysilk - Vox
    Prog Frog - Guitar
    Adam Cat - Guitar Or Bass
    Michael - Drums ([url]http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=31466[/url])

    and maybe

    Myself - Guitar Or Bass
  5. avatar adamthecat
    Where do each of you live?
  6. avatar Michael82FFL
    Dunmurry, 10 mins from city centre. (take away the trafic)
  7. avatar ANGIE47

    lead/ rythm