1. avatar daveshorty
    Catface says she can tell exactly what's going on in my life without ever speaking to me because I post on fastfude so much...

    ...should I get a life? Answers on the back of a postcard.
  2. avatar PhatBob
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I love that you posted on here for advice

    Surely considered internet posts as sources of information and opinion are better than actual conversation where people will say things you don't want them to and you end up getting bogged down in, like, real stuff that's unpredictable.

    Keep the FastFude life I say :-D
  3. avatar daveshorty
    hahaha it's my first port of call.
    i hope catface reads this...
  4. avatar Chi-Lite
    I take it you're looking into him or her?
  5. avatar daveshorty
    Hahaha no I'm afraid I'm not Chi-Lite, f**kin smartarse ye
  6. avatar Chi-Lite
    :lol: Nah, I'm only taking the hand hey
  7. avatar daveshorty
    i'd like you to take my hand
  8. avatar The enfant terrible
    Hey Chi-lite, stop spoiling whatever it is Daveshorty and Catface have with smut. Not everyone is looking for some cheap russell brandism. Some people value male-female friendship and don't need you turning it into something shameful.
  9. avatar Chi-Lite
    You're absolutely right gerardy. Oh yeah I tell you something I think you'll understand.
  10. avatar daveshorty
    jesus this is all very insightful. this is the kind of thread that makes me proud to be a fastfuder
  11. avatar The enfant terrible
    Exactly, holding hands, laughing at tramps, walking down my the lagan with their noses pinched. It's all will they/won't they and then someone comes on fastfude with one of those sideways comments that just let someone else know that they think about them when they're not around.

    It's no big deal,


    but it could be...
  12. avatar miss catface
    i'd like to think its no big deal, but yet thinking its been made out to be. simple as people keep asking me stuff like do u know shortys a vegan now etc and my response has been yes, i read it on fastfude. to the point that after knowing the answers for stuff without having seen you or spoken to u the response was jokingly yea its all on fastfude. whoops there.
  13. avatar daveshorty
    lol the thing is i do genuinely think i spend far too much time on fastfude. look at me here now for goodness sake. i should be out breathing fresh air and frolicking with puppies and the like.
    jesus i am a local media whore! (if fastfude can be called media)
    hi cat how are things?
  14. avatar trepanner
  15. avatar Strong Reaction
    Sos Mix?
  16. avatar daveshorty
    hahahaha if you pose 'sosmix' as a question one more time ian...
  17. avatar himynameissween
    [i:d3bafb361d]me reading this thread, 2 minutes ago[/i:d3bafb361d]
  18. avatar daveshorty
    whats with the bangy head?
  19. avatar himynameissween
    [quote:258453a46f="daveshorty"]whats with the bangy head?[/quote:258453a46f]its a metaphor for what this thread is doing to me.

    see also:

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  20. avatar Chi-Lite
    You're too sensitive there lad.

    Can't you bear love's young dream flaunting itself on the internet, when you'd rather be discussing Mogwai?
  21. avatar himynameissween
    [quote:54a4f3d6fb="Chi-Lite"]when you'd rather be discussing Mogwai?[/quote:54a4f3d6fb]good point. Mogwai suck.

  22. avatar daveshorty
    nice subject change sween, well done
  23. avatar Daithi jasper
    I like the way the Fastfude Chat Room thread came up beside this one. :)
  24. avatar The enfant terrible
    Ah I get it, Sween was just buying Daveshorty and Catface some space while they worked out their "feelings". It's okay I'll back off. Who you totally crush on is your business and I'm not gonna be all harsh about it.
  25. avatar rentaghost
  26. avatar miss catface
    i feel like ive been cast as the lead role into the next big romance film, without having ever auditioned.

    alas sorry all there is no love in the air.

  27. avatar The enfant terrible
    Aw that's a shame. I think you two would make a nice couple.
  28. avatar danbastard
    Mogwai are as crap and pointless as Shortys' crap, pointless posts. ba-zing!
  29. avatar nonlogic liam
    JESUS!!! Everyone knows that boys who "platonically" hang out with girls are either gay or potential rapists. Like duh!!!
  30. avatar Strong Reaction
    I went to see Mogwai once.
  31. avatar Baronation
    I know which one Liam is.
  32. avatar nonlogic liam
    And vice versa...etc....etc....
  33. avatar The enfant terrible
    Stop it guys, let's get the love back:

    oh...satellite comes and goes
    we give each other all we know
    in silence we still talk
    by the light of the stereo waltz
    and will you rain down
    in your cinematic love truck
    i wanna hold you like
    nothing's gonna stop us
    and she come to take me away
    it's all i needed
    i don't breathe another lover, lover
    flicker on a TV screen
    everything's more than it seems
    mighty backward fall
    stare at the light on the wall
    and i swear to this
    she felt like velvet
    second blonde child
    felt like velvet
    and she come to take me away
    it's all that i needed
    i dont breathe another lover, lover
    i'm an alien
    you're an alien
    it's a beautiful rain, beautiful rain (x2)
    i'm an alien
    you're an alien
    it's a beautiful rain, beautiful rain, beautiful rain
  34. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Liam is both.
  35. avatar The enfant terrible
    Liam is like poor lonely Dennis Nielsen.
  36. avatar nonlogic liam
    What? So now I'm a long forgotten serial killer! Secretly I always wanted to be Louis XIV, but then again he killed half of Europe and was indirectly responible for Kill Billy....
  37. avatar Strong Reaction
    Liam is the Marquis De Sade.