1. avatar goatboy
    Wasn't it supposed to be back bigger and better than ever before this year?

    Any word on it?

    November is normally the month....... right?
  2. avatar RabbBennett
    [quote:cd950c2a65="goatboy"]Wasn't it supposed to be back bigger and better than ever before this year?

    Any word on it?

    November is normally the month....... right?[/quote:cd950c2a65]

    was that thought just floating around your brain (like this one)..........are you involved in this? and why at this time of whatsamacallit is it bothering you.........curious.........? :roll:
  3. avatar goatboy
    It's got nothing to do with me. If it did, I imagine I'd probably know the answer to my question.

    I ask, because I noticed that on this day 4 years ago the most talked about topic on Fastfude was to do with the annoucement of the bands that were playing at Belfest.

    From what I can remember, Shep said last year that there wasn't a Belfest because this year was to be bigger and better than ever before.
  4. avatar RabbBennett
    Dude I'm of to bed,but where did you notice that.
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  5. avatar goatboy
    Christ, man. It's not a conspiracy. Just noticed it [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=1731]here[/url].
  6. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Yeah, it's usually around this time of year... Haven't heard anything yet.
  7. avatar RabbBennett
    [quote:34d4958d2f="goatboy"]Christ, man. It's not a conspiracy. Just noticed it [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=1731]here[/url].[/quote:34d4958d2f]

    Sorry goatboy :oops: just had the need to write something on the internet so I could wake up today and realise I've been a DICK...........sorry :smt010
  8. avatar fastfude
    Was Belsonic not Belfest mkII?
  9. avatar goatboy
    [quote:9e143bacef="fastfude"]Was Belsonic not Belfest mkII?[/quote:9e143bacef]

    Belsonic is the new Tennant's Vital. Belsonic is the new Belfest. Belsonic is the new Fear No Beer. Belsonic is the new Wednesday nights at the Front Page. Belsonic is the new Double Ding. Belsonic is the new Giro's. Belsonic is the new Bandjax. Belsonic is the new Super Shine. Belsonic is the new Cat's Ass. Belsonic is the new Club "the" NI:NG. Belsonic is the new Damage Central Presents. Belsonic is the new Skibunny. Belsonic is the new Fastfude Gourmet Season. Belsonic is the new Shep's answering machine. Belsonic is the new Sugar Sweet at the Art College. Belsonic is the new A Little Solidarity. Belsonic is the new City of Song Festival. Belsonic is the new Fate Awards.
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    It's [b:77e536355c]THE[/b:77e536355c] belFEST! GET IT RIGHT.
  11. avatar trepanner
    I'd like to complain that even though it's not happening this year it's still just the same old bands playing it.
  12. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Somebody needs to not organise a Belfest Fringe Festival.
  13. avatar huggy baps
    [quote:bf93964b48="trepanner"]I'd like to complain that even though it's not happening this year it's still just the same old bands playing it.[/quote:bf93964b48]

    I too would like to complain that metal would have been underrepresented..
  14. avatar goatboy
    Does anyone know when the CD will be out?
  15. avatar trepanner
    It will be a split 7" with the Bacardi Best of Belfast recordings.
  16. avatar goatboy
    Will Chancer be on it?
  17. avatar trepanner
    Absolutely. It will be sold exclusively in Arcadia Cafe.
  18. avatar zebulon
    Anyone want any Chancer or Bacardi Best of Belfast Live CDs? I have boxes and boxes of 'em.

    Whatever came of Snorkel?
    Don't point the finger, it'll be pointing back atcha.
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    If all of the stockpiled, unsold compilation CDs of NI bands were stacked on top of each other, the pile would reach Saturn. That's science fact.

    Are Toaster on it?
  20. avatar fopp
    Someone should start a festival that's at the end of the summer or at the edge of Belfast called "BelEnd"
  21. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I demand The BelFEST is replaced with a rebranded Disgoat '08, featuring [i:bee1c29f3d]"Rikmandu", "Star Residue", "Lovechild", "The Menagerie's Old P.A"[/i:bee1c29f3d] and [i:bee1c29f3d]"Goatboy's Ipod"[/i:bee1c29f3d]
  22. avatar gerry norman
    A Little Solidarity Festival will do the job me thinks.
  23. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    I would imagine Belsonic is the new Belfest
  24. avatar Sansie
    I must say I kinda miss the good old fashioned BelFest, I had the privledge of playing once. It was a really class festival of music, it was such good craic running between 4 or more venues trying to catch your favorite acts, auntie annies, Katy dalys, Empire etc.
    Plus it also seemed to attract a lot of industry attention, becuase A&r type people could get to see 20 or more of the top N. Ireland bands all within the space of 5 hours or so! Shep and all who organised it did a great job!

    Ultimately to keep these things alive, people really need to support more of these sorts of events e.g. 'A little solidarity', oh yeah evenings etc.
    In the words of some american dude, 'Yes we can!'
  25. avatar shep
    Goatboy :lol:

    BELSONIC is the er, new, er BELSONIC

    belFEST is having a sleep, due to lack of appropriate funding, and lack of energy to chase my ass this year with other priorities to address

    belFEST is in discussion with other parties to see if we can make it happen next year. And unless it can be of a certain standard it can continue to rest. But if with the help of others it can be made to be bright and relevant then it will return

    The ground in Northern Ireland has moved much in the past eleven years; things are better for musicians by way of gigging opportunity at many levels; media coverage and airplay is more frequent; there are a number of promoters doing a good job on the local level; there is vastly improved - if shockingly underfunded - infrastructure to support music business and networking; and the net has opened up unforeseen DIY opportunities. But we can of course do better all round.

    A LITTLE SOLIDARITY deserves the support of us all next week for providing a well thought through event and a quality lineup in some great venues
  26. avatar goatboy
    Shep, I was merely taking the mick out of Rog with my second post as personally, I think saying that Belsonic is the new Belfest is ludicrous. It's like comparing chalk and Belsonic.

    I really hope that Belfest will continue next year. My first post was completely genuine and I have much love for Belfest. I think I missed Belfest 2006 as I was living away, but I attended from 1999-2005 and thoroughly enjoyed each one.

    Good luck with trying to get it sorted next year!

    PS - I'm totally gutted that I will be missing A Little Solidarity next week. Absolutely crackin' lineup and looks to be really well organized.
  27. avatar tinpot anto
    Yeah Belfest always had a genuine "Festival" feel, where the whole area from Ormeau Ave to Queen's would be full of people wandering from gig to gig to catch their favourite band on the night, more so even than any thing like the CQAF, Open House festivals or anything, which are just really some themed gigs.

    Was hoping to see it return again this year.
  28. avatar T Entertainment
    I have to vouch for Goat as a staunch defender of The belFEST here - he buys fucking ancient belFEST compilations on e-bay, ferrcrissakes! :P
    And listens to them!
  29. avatar goatboy
    Well, I bought one off Ebay.
  30. avatar shep
    [quote:3845d231ac]I was merely taking the mick out of Rog with my second post as personally, I think saying that Belsonic is the new Belfest is ludicrous[/quote:3845d231ac]

    I know, that's why I was laughing :wink:
  31. avatar feline1
    I think the key way to move this process forward is to think for better puns for the festival names.

    If BelFest really has to come to a close, for instance, it could appear in its final incarnation as "BelEnd".

    Now that we have black people in NornIrond too, we chould also have a new "urban MoBo" festival called "BelShaft".

    Obamalama!!!!!!! (bam-a-lam)
  32. avatar Captain Kennedy
    What abouit a Country fest for all those outside Belfast? We could call it Cun......
  33. avatar tinpot anto
    Oh my did someone say "OBAMALAMA!!!"

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IxVZi1-kUvM :lol: