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    First review of the EP from AU Magazine: Class first line! :lol:

    "Hey, Captain Kennedy, Bob Dylan just phoned, says can he have his sound back? We are being facetious, but Captain Kennedy sure do owe a considerable debt to crinkle-browed country-rockers such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. However, though we frown upon their reluctance to offer anything truly distinctive, the surety of their musicianship is admirable.

    This is preternaturally aged music, ready to caress your heart with its dusky fingers. Many feet have trod their way down this path, but Captain Kennedy do so with an inimitable panache and that, at least, is worth celebrating."
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    2nd Review from Americana-UK

    [quote:5de20e6cd8]Northern Ireland Roots-Rockers gather pace

    Hailing from Co Armagh, 7-piece Captain Kennedy release their second EP in the form of "Factory Whistle Call".

    The four tracks here all have a rugged, but warm and somehow pleasingly familiar feel to them, something like slipping on a trusty old jumper that's not going to let you down.

    Favouring to keep a weather-worn quality to their sound and relishing in their occasional sonic imperfections, keeping the 'live' feel to their recorded songs definitely works in their favour. Singer Ciaran Lavery, possessing something of a strained impassioned rasp of a voice, has a feel for Ray Lamontagne's phrasing and hungover, husky tone, while Dylan, Young, The Band and Ryan Adams seem to feature proudly in their collective consciousness.

    Opener "Bring that Light" is a very fine lighter/pint-waving roots-rocker with some subtly fantastic bar-room piano sounds and harmonies in the chorus, all the while the spirit of The Band is very much in evidence.

    Elsewhere title track "Factory Whistle Call" (seemingly a paean to the romance of boozing all day in spite of the titular call to labour) slowly builds from some mournful Ryan Adams-like melody and guitars, before shifting gear up to something altogether more rousing, with violins swirling in the mix.

    There's perhaps very little about Captain Kennedy that you could call 'original', however having said that there's something instantly attractive about their obvious belief and capturing of the redemptive power and soul of music.

    Date review added: Sunday, November 16, 2008
    Reviewer: Ian Fildes
    Reviewers Rating: 7/10[/quote:5de20e6cd8]
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    Since the BBC couldn't give us the video files.....we turned it into this: