1. avatar rentaghost
    [b:40b5fd938a]Dominic O'Neill[/b:40b5fd938a]



    Guitarist and vocalist with the Delawares, one of belfast finest bands, Dominic is playing a laid back acoustic gig for us this week in Common Grounds. Inspired by the great renaissance artists of his generation - The Beach Boys, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Neil Young, Don McLean and all those other beautiful raconteurs who have painted so much pain and joy into our lives, Dominic never fails to delight. I am told there may be a number of special guests. More of which later.....




    Heliopause made their debut in February 2006. Their sound has been compared to the likes of American Analog Set and Mice Parade and they have greatly entertained audiences across Ireland, over the last two years.

    Their soom to be released Dark Matter E.P. was recorded at Start Together Studio with Ben McAuley (Three Tales) over a weekend in March 2008, just after the band recorded their first session for BBC Radio 1.

    This Common Grounds gig should be a very welcome acoustic taster of the exciting things to come from Heliopause over the next few weeks.

    Music starts at 8pm
    This is the last week for donations to Barefeet Theatre Company. We will be announcing the next charity at the AGM next Friday.
  2. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Sounds tasty.

    Providing I haven't died, or gone to Glasgow (which is the same as death, you might argue...) I'll be in attendance.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Dominic will be accompanied by Tom on Cello and Ellen on vocals.
    Lovely stuff.
  4. avatar savoy truffle
    ...and Ellen will also be playing the Autoharp. Lovely stuff indeed!
  5. avatar rentaghost
    I really like Glasgow, particularly Byres Road. Nice place.
  6. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:42a83377d4="rentaghost"]I really like Glasgow, particularly Byres Road. Nice place.[/quote:42a83377d4]

    Byers road is lovely. Whistler's Mother cafe is great for a fry.

    The rest of the city is a scum hole, in my humble opinion.

    In an 'interesting' aside, a jakey tried to sell me a handgun in Buchanan Street Bus station in Glasgow.

    As someone who was born and grew up in Northern Ireland, this never happend to me over here.
  7. avatar rentaghost
    I bet you've never been to Easterhouse Nando's though.

    Nice food, but the bus journey to and fro is really very intersting - in the confucian sense.

    All Goatboy's fault of course.
  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Such a great gig.

    Heliopause were fantastic, really intricate and intimate, with excellent songs. Looking forward to seeing the full band line up for the CD launch (which sounds amazing, by the way).

    Mr Dominic O'Neil charmed the pants off everyone in the room, playing songs full of charm and warmth, which I was certainly humming afterwards. My only complaint is that I couldn't hear the autoharp, but that couldn't really be helped.

    Great times!
  9. avatar rentaghost
    Aye - we did our best with the autoharp, but I think Ellen is going to need to get some kind of pick-up for it. If I had put another mic on it there would have been loads of feedback - it would just be too close to her vocal mic.
    I really enjoyed Dominic's set - Tom and Ellen are a great addition on those songs.

    I had a brilliant time on Friday night. Heliopause were fantastic, and I'm definitely going to try to make it for the launch gig on the 19th. I want to hear those songs played by the full band.
  10. avatar Gripper Magee
    That was my first time at Common Grounds. Shame on me :oops:
    We missed Heliopause but enjoyed Dominic's set. There was a great buzz about the place which was cool. In all my years micing up stuff in other places I've never had to mic an autoharp though. Found this - [url]http://www.autoharpworks.com/pages/Post/Documents/Amplify/Sound.htm[/url] which was nice.