1. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    Looking to start a rockin funk band. Interested? Give me a shout. I play rythm/lead guitar and backin vocals.

    Need a drummer, bassist and a second guitarist or an alternative to a lead guitar (sax or something)


    Give us a shout (via PM), if not ... sweet.

  2. avatar justthedrummer
    My first post!
    [color=red:73ec005133][/color:73ec005133][size=18:73ec005133][/size:73ec005133]fastfooderbelfast, (im guessin thats nt u r real name), im in a funk rock band called the Skanky Peas, we have original material along the lines of Hendrix, RHCP, RATM, as well as Kings of Leon and Bloc Party - [b:73ec005133]lots of room for guitar solos[/b:73ec005133]lol. We're based in Castlewellan and Clough, and currently have bass, singer and drums, but no alternative to lead atm. My number's 07531806563 if you wanna get in touch.